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We Use Only The Water We Need

Our technicians are taught to conserve water, therefore, when we wash windows for our commercial or residential clients, we make sure to use only the water that we need and not a drop more. Especially here in New York City where the population density is high and fresh water is not easy to come by, water conservation is very important, and we take responsibility when providing our quality window cleaning services.

We Drive Eco-Friendly Cars

To get us to locations throughout Brooklyn and the greater NYC area, whether for a window washing appointment, a window film installation session, glass restoration work, or any other job, we drive gas-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles. It’s a great way to minimize our footprint, keep our air cleaner, and help our planet (and all of its inhabitants) stay healthy!

The Window Film We Apply Makes Buildings More Energy-efficient

You already know about our great window washing services provided to residents and businesses throughout the NYC region. But did you know that we also offer excellent window film installation services? Whether for privacy, glare reduction, safety, graffiti protection, or any other reason, our clients make use of our window film installation services on a regular basis.

One benefit of having film installed on your windows is improved energy efficiency of your home or business. Film helps keep extreme temperatures out while keeping heated or air conditioned air in. With less energy loss, your home or business will be more energy efficient, helping you to do your part (with our assistance) to benefit the planet! Of course, greater energy efficiency also means lower utility bills, so you’ll benefit in a number of ways, including economically.

CTA for window film in New York City.

In particular, our low E window film is a great choice for New York City residents and businesses. This low emissivity film is a smart alternative to window replacement, serving as an economical way to block drafts, keep your indoor environment cooler on hot NYC days without having to crank up your AC, and even protect your family against harmful UV rays. If you’d like to learn more about our low E window film, give Total Window Service a call today!

Our Light Fixture Cleaning Services Keep Your Brightness Levels Just Right

People don’t always think about cleaning the lights in their homes, but we do! We know that clean light fixtures offer a range of benefits. For one thing, your lights are more beautiful when they are clean. For another, a clean home with clean fixtures is beneficial to everyone’s health.

Just as important, when your light fixtures are clean, you won’t find yourself constantly turning on more lights or boosting the illumination intensity of your adjustable lights. That’s because the light is actually able to shine through entirely when the light fixtures are clean! You won’t be using more electricity because of having to adjust the light intensity; consequently, your energy usage will diminish, leading to less of an impact on our planet as well as more money savings for you.

Need Our Services?

In today’s blog you’ve learned of the ways in which Total Window Services strives to be eco-friendly. If you can benefit from any of our services, get in touch with us today!