A clean window is a happy window, and at Total Window Service, we make it easy to keep your windows clean and happy. Enjoy the view unobscured by dirt, scratches, graffiti or smudges with window cleaning in New York City from Total Window Service. Our professionals have been in the window washing business for years, and we’ve learned a thing or two in all of that time. Let us share our expertise with you! Check out our blogs to learn all about window washing, including tips and tricks for keeping your windows clean. And, as always, if you have questions or concerns, or you want to take advantage of our services, give us a call!

  1. 3 Tips for Winter Window Cleaning total window service

    3 Tips for Winter Window Cleaning

    Winter is right around the corner, which means you are probably in preparation mode for the holidays, from Halloween all the way through New Year's. While most of us love this time of year where we can slow down and spend some good quality time with our families, it's also a very busy time of year w…Read More

  2. should you diy window cleaning total window service nyc

    Should You DIY Window Cleaning Services?

    In today's day and age, everyone wants to DIY everything, from house painting to remodeling their home, including the demolition work. While admittedly there are some home improvement projects you could undertake yourself and save a lot of money (we would not recommend the house demolition unless yo…Read More

  3. Contemporary window designs on a skyscraper.

    How Window Designs Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home Or Business

    Here in New York City, our buildings date back across many historical eras, so it’s no surprise that we have a wide range of architectural styles across our boroughs. Every time period brought us different types of building facades, each with its own kinds of windows. In today’s blog, we want to…Read More

  4. Green watering can in a greenhouse. Photo by www.zanda. photography on Unsplash.

    Greenhouse Cleaning Tips

    Building a greenhouse is one of the most rewarding experiences that plant-lovers with a knack for construction can experience. But once the design is complete and the glazing has been chosen, maintenance and cleaning become the primary time-consumers of a greenhouse.  When it comes to cleaning your…Read More

  5. A view of planet Earth from space.

    Ways In Which Total Window Services Strives To Be Eco-friendly

    We Use Only The Water We Need Our technicians are taught to conserve water, therefore, when we wash windows for our commercial or residential clients, we make sure to use only the water that we need and not a drop more. Especially here in New York City where the population density is high and fresh …Read More

  6. View of blue sky with puffy white clouds through a circular skylight window.

    5 Great Reasons To Keep Your Windows Clean In New York City

    Are clean windows really that important? You bet they are! Here are five reasons we’ve come up with to keep your windows clean here in New York City. After you’ve read our blog, we’re sure you can come up with more reasons. Let’s start with these. For Better Mental Health If your windows are…Read More

  7. Window washing technicians cleaning skyscraper windows.

    Don’t Try To Wash Your Windows In NYC With These Cleaners!

    Not all cleaners are made the same. Some are meant to cut grease and clean big messes in the kitchen. Others attack the buildup that forms in your sink or tub in the bathroom. The fact of the matter is that some cleaners are just too harsh to use on your windows. While we recommend that you opt to h…Read More

  8. Round and oblong light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

    How Clean Light Fixtures Will Benefit You!

    Even if you’re fastidiously clean and one of the most immaculate people in the world, chances are there’s something in your home or business that is not getting cleaned as often as it should. We’re talking about your light fixtures and chandeliers. When’s the last time you cleaned them? Take…Read More

  9. Long-haired woman in blue throwing fall leaves into the air in the midst of large trees.

    Why New Yorkers Love Autumn So Much!

    The vast majority of people here in New York City love fall, and we at Total Window Service are no exception! In this blog, we’d like to let you know what it is about autumn that New Yorkers appreciate so much, and then we'll explain why it’s a good time to get your window cleaning done. Suddenl…Read More