Security window film is made of many layers of polyester film that has been adhered together. They come in different thicknesses, and, in general, the thicker the security window film, the less likely it is to be penetrated. Thinner safety window films are usually used for their tinting or for their solar protection benefits.

Security window film offered by Total Window Service in NYC has amazing benefits to your home, from protecting from thieves to increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Below, we’ll dive into a bit more detail of a few of the many benefits of our residential and commercial safety window film. Contact our window cleaning company today!


Stops Thieves

When thieves break into homes, they often break windows if there are no unlocked doors or windows. When glass that has safety film applied is broken, the glass breaks, but it also remains in place. This is perfect to prevent smash and grab thefts. When thieves break windows, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible so as not to draw attention to themselves. Odds are, once they break your window and realize the glass isn’t going anywhere, they will run away, leaving you and your possessions safe.

Protects You From Broken Glass

When strong storms hit New York, glass can most definitely break. Wind can create falling tree branches that break windows. A broken window will normally shatter and fall, leaving broken bits of glass everywhere. If a heavy object does break your window, glass can fly, causing severe injury. Security window film by Total Window Service in NYC will prevent glass from moving at all, even when a tree branch slams into it.

Increases Energy Efficiency

With the push to reduce your carbon footprint on the world, many people love it when they can do something that not only saves them money, but helps the environment as well. Security window film does just that. Since adding a layer of security window film thickens your window, it increases its ability to keep treated air indoors and outside air outdoors. It becomes a better window insulator as well. You will notice a lower cost in energy bills, and this cost savings will pay for the safety window film itself!


Total Window Service offers the best window security film installation services. With a passion for customer service and high-quality materials, you’ll love your new security windows. Call today!


Your windows + our safety window film = protection for your property and loved ones.

Total Window Service provides high-quality safety window films that are applied onto the surface of your windows, keeping the glass safe and secure against severe weather, intruders, tree branches, and other unexpected events that could cause the glass to shatter.

The materials used in this film consist of several layers of high-tensile polyester that are proven to be effective in securing the integrity of your windows. Our safety window films protect the people and things that matter most to you, providing peace of mind so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

Don’t risk injury or damage caused by broken glass!

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