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This article is created to educate our clients on how to minimize their window cleaning expenses. We are going to discuss some of the most common reasons why window cleaning companies extra charge for washing your windows. If you don’t see your case in this list you can always write us through contact page. We will be happy to answer and to add explanation, advice on our page.

How to install window ac on double hung tilt in window, so you will not be extra charge?

If you planning to install the ac in just for summer time the best advice for you will be – clean your window before you install you ac. Depending on size and difficulty of your ac installation you can save from $10 to $80 on that window. If this is not a case and you planning to install your ac permanently, than use a metal bar which will keep the ac holding without screwing it to the bottom sash of your window. With using metal bar ac is not attached to your bottom window and both parts of the window sash can be tilted without removing ac. In this case window cleaners may not extra charge, if they will, you can always bring it up and believe me or not window cleaning company will lover their extra charge to a minimum. Just do simple math. Pay $100-$150 for a proper window ac installation and save $20-50 on every other window cleaning service.

How to install child safety window guards on double hung window, so you will not be extra charge?

Very often when it comes to estimate windows with child safety guards window cleaners bring up some creasy numbers. If your window could be charged $15 each without guards then with guards it can cost up to $25 each. Depending on the type of guards and how they installed. There is a law in nyc on how to properly install window guards (check this link for more info (http://www.Nyc.Gov/html/doh/html/environmental/win-faq.Shtml). It states that you need to use one-way screws for guards installation on double hung windows. But guess what? After you install guards with one-way screw you end up having dirty windows for next 12 years. Of course window cleaners come with solution. They usually offer to cut the screw head and unscrew it like a regular screw for a flat screwdriver. That is why you end up paying extra for removing and cutting the screw and in the end your child protection holds on regular type screw that can be unscrewed with any flat screwdriver. We cannot advise not to use one-way screws because it is a law that has been made for protection of our kids. However, this kind of law makes people pay much more for frequent window cleaning maintenance. And believe me or not you can avoid those extra expenses by simply using allen type screw (square or star) which requires special tool to be unscrewed.

If you want to save, try to think the way window cleaners think. It is simple question. How much time will I spend unscrewing all 8-12 screws? How much should I extra charge? The less window cleaners need to remove the less we will charge for cleaning that window. Here some type of perfect child gates that we advice to all our clients. They are easy to install and easy to remove when it is time to clean the window. Http://www.Kidsafeinc.Com/window-guards/?Gclid=ciy89dxc2cycfqqqaqodl-mb-q . They might be expensive, but they look nice and modern, can be easily removed to access the window and you install them until your kids will be 12 years old. In the long run you will save on annual window cleaning cost.

What should you do if after cleaning your windows still look dirty?

There are two major problems that can really defect your window – oxidation (hard water steins) and condensation. If oxidation we can remove by using acids or different chemicals, with condensation the only way to deal is to replace defected unit. How much should you pay for that? Well, that question we should ask to window fixing expert. From our experience standard (3’ x 3’) size glass unit should cost from $100-$150 depending on glass type, but different glass companies may charge different.

What is condensation? You can find on this link: http://uk.Saint-gobain-glass.Com/trade-customers/condensation-double-glazing

What is glass oxidation? You can find out more by reading this article http://www.Ritec.Co.Uk/cmsfiles/international_glass_review.Pdf

Now when you know what oxidation is. What ways to prevent it. Let’s talk more about that; what causes oxidation in our real life? If speaking about New York city, oxidation in its various forms exists almost on every window. However, some of it can be easily taken off, but others needs to be cleaned with harsh chemicals. That is usually the most expensive part. If standard size double-hung window regular cleaning costs from $15 – $20 per window, then removing oxidation may cost 2-3 times more. Good advice for customers who has problems with oxidation on their windows. First, pay extra and clean your windows from oxidation. Then, try to clean it at least two times per year. This way you most likely will pay only for regular window cleaning.

The most common reasons why windows get oxidation very fast are:

  • Screens with metal mesh. We know that it is more durable than plastic, but the reality is, sooner or later you will get oxidation on your glass if you have metal mesh screens. If you want to save on window cleaning and have a nice view try to avoid installing metal mesh screens.
  • Old rusty child guards. If you have one like that. Change them for new or get rid of it, if your kids older than 12.
  • Concrete or brick walls, concrete outside sills, metal rusty bars. Normally there is nothing you can do about it. Try to eliminate rain water leak on glass through rusty metal or concrete. This are the most common reasons for getting oxidation on glass.

How do we wash screens?

There are 2 type of screen cleaning. First is regular screen cleaning – we clean with washer then wipe with rag without removing screen from the window. Normally it should cost $3-$5 half-size screen and $5-$8 full-size screen. Second type of cleaning is to shower them or cleaning with hose outside, but it is usually more expensive. It may cost you from $8-$10 per screen. Which method should you choose? If you clean your windows on regular basis at least one’s a year then regular cleaning is good enough for you. However, if you haven’t clean you windows for 2-5 years and your windows facing some busy street, then shower your screens would be the right thing to do. It will keep window cleaner for a longer time.

Should I clean exterior window sills?

Cleaning window sills is important if you want to keep your windows clean longer. All dust and dirt that settle on it will drip on glass with every rain. Normally window cleaners wipe sills without extra charge, but there are cases when exterior window sills has so much dirt on it that they just have to charge extra to clean it off or they will not clean it at all. So, try to discuss if cleaning sills will be included in window cleaning price or if you want to save try to keep your sills as clean as possible. Wiping your sills two times per year is usually enough.

What type of mesh (metal or plastic) should I choose for my window screen?

As we mentioned before metal mesh screens can be a reason of getting oxidation on window. It may lead to paying more for cleaning your windows. We are not saying that it is in 100 % cases, but it happens very often. Metal screen gets rusty with time and when rain water leaks on a glass though the screen mesh, it leaves microscopic debris on glass. Eventually, that debris mixed with dust and dirt dry out on a glass and build up into oxidation. That is why we recommend installing plastic screens which doesn’t cause oxidation and easier to clean.

In conclusion, we discussed some of the most common reasons why people get extra charged for window cleaning in apartments and houses in New York city. We hope this article answered some of the most common questions that our clients may have. Try to follow these easy steps and you will significantly save on window cleaning cost. Total window service team would like to wish you to have always clear view, pay less and stay in a good mood.

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