View of blue sky with puffy white clouds through a circular skylight window.

Are clean windows really that important?

You bet they are!

Here are five reasons we’ve come up with to keep your windows clean here in New York City. After you’ve read our blog, we’re sure you can come up with more reasons. Let’s start with these.

For Better Mental Health

If your windows are dirty, it will affect your mood. Instead of looking through beautiful, clear glass, you’ll be looking out of dingy, drab portals that are covered in dirt, bird droppings, bug stains, and other types of grime. These are unpleasant to look at; don’t be surprised if your emotions shift and you start to feel down.

The longer your windows stay dirty, the likelier you are to feel unhappy, anxious, upset, or blue. Over time, these negative feelings will impact your mental health. Don’t let dirty windows bring you down! Get them cleaned and see how your mood lifts and your mental health improves.

For Your Overall Health

Dirty windows can impact your health in other ways, too. Dirt, dust, and pollen that adhere to your windows and screens will affect your lungs, possibly leading to breathing challenges, allergies, and other health issues. Mold that grows on your windows, screens, and sills can also harm you, with a suppressed immune system, irritated lungs, and skin conditions as possible results.

For Your Safety

When your windows are so dirty that you can’t easily see out of them, it becomes a safety hazard. It’s important for you to be able to see what’s happening outside of your home, whether it’s a prowler in your yard or an accident on the street. With a clear view of what’s going on, you can do your part to assist anyone in need. You can also protect yourself and your family in the event of suspicious activity right outside your house.

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For Your Neighborhood

If you let your home decline, your whole neighborhood suffers. It’s important to have your windows cleaned, your yard kept up, and the exterior of your home painted so that your house doesn’t become an eyesore. Your neighborhood depends on it!

To Enjoy The View

Finally, a top reason to have clean windows here in New York City is to be able to enjoy the view outside your window. When your windows are dirty, the outside world becomes obscured; you stop paying attention to it. But with clean windows, suddenly the outside world comes into focus again. You notice everything beautiful out there, from new spring flowers to fluffy clouds against a brilliant blue sky. Clean windows let you enjoy the view outside and get inspired by it.

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What other benefits of clean windows can you think of? Add to our list! We’re convinced that after reading our blog, you’ll be ready to keep your windows free from dirt, marks, and stains so you can enjoy the many benefits they’ll bring you and your family.

We also understand that you may not have the time, energy, skills, or equipment to do the job right. That’s where we come in. Total Window Service provides outstanding window cleaning services throughout New York City and beyond, and we’re ready to wash your windows! Give us a call today to make your appointment.