It’s not easy to reach those gorgeous but inaccessible chandeliers. And who has time to clean every single light fixture in your home or business? It’s a time-consuming effort, and unless you have professional experience, you may not be doing it right! The wrong cleaners or cloths can scratch up your light fixtures and ruin the finish, making your light fixtures dull and reducing the level of lighting they give off.

Let the professional window and glass cleaners at Total Window Service handle these tasks for you, freeing you to take care of other important things around the house or at your place of business. Or, take advantage of this valuable, time-saving service and use that time you would have spent cleaning to instead do something for yourself, even if it’s just taking a well-deserved break or even catching up on sleep! Maybe you can even take that weekend trip you’ve been dreaming of for a while now.

Chandelier Cleaning

Walk into virtually any lobby in New York City and you’ll find a beautiful chandelier decorating the space. It may be an eye-catching design centerpiece, but it can be a pain to clean. The first challenge is reaching it, especially in places with extra-high ceilings. Not everyone knows ladder safety well enough to handle this challenge without risking falls and injuries.

The next challenge is the time and effort it takes to clean every little piece that, collectively, makes up the chandelier, including the column, candle cups, arms, bulbs, chains, and dozens or even hundreds of glass prisms. Instead of wasting your valuable time getting an ornate chandelier sparkling clean, let us do the busy work. We’ll handle the job expertly and efficiently for you, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to once again enjoy the beauty of your chandeliers and other ornate light accents.

Light Fixture Cleaning

What’s more, we’ll clean every fixture in your home or building for you. Have you ever stopped to count exactly how many light fixtures you have? It’s a time-consuming process to get every single light fixture dusted, wiped, and washed to perfection. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or building manager, you can save time and money by outsourcing your light fixture cleaning needs. Even if you’re renting your space, you’ll want to enjoy bright, clean light fixtures; our service can make this happen for you!

Additional Services

Total Window Service offers complete glass-related services that you’ll want to hire us for to save time and be assured that the job will be handled expertly. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Skylight cleaning and restoration
  • Greenhouse cleaning and restoration
  • Commercial and residential window cleaning
  • Window film installation
  • Glass scratch removing

Our team of knowledgeable, efficient window specialists can handle any glass or window cleaning, tinting, or restoration job you need done, whether in NYC, Brooklyn, or any of the surrounding areas. Think of us as your one-stop vendor for taking care of all your window- and glass-related needs.

We also offer services that will get your building facade and entryway sparkling clean so you can make a great impression even before your customers, clients, or potential business partners walk into your building. If you need power washing or soft wash for your building facade cleaning, get in touch with our company. We will be happy to offer you a no-obligation quote for any job.

So whether you need window cleaning in NYC, light fixture cleaning in Brooklyn, window film installation in Queens, or glass restoration services in The Bronx, we’re here to help you!

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to have your chandeliers and light fixtures shiny, clean, and bright, contact us today. You can reach Total Window Service by phone or through our convenient online form. We serve the greater New York City region, and we’re ready to do the dirty work for you and leave all your lights sparkling clean!