1. 5 Unique Window Cleaning Challenges In NYC

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  2. How Window Cleaning Services Can Benefit You

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  3. An Overview Of Different Types Of Window Film

    What’s the purpose of window film? Perhaps the correct question would be, “What are the purposes of window film?” That’s because there can be many different reasons for having film installed on your windows. Read on to learn about some of the main purposes customers have film installed. Your…Read More

  4. The Basics Of Glass Restoration

    When people’s windows get scratched up by vandals or by accident, or the glass accumulates a thick coating of pollutants over the years that discolors the pane and takes away its clarity, they think it’s time to get new windows. Replacement is often the first solution that comes to mind, but it…Read More

  5. What Clean Chandeliers And Light Fixtures Can Do For You!

    Lights add so much to our homes, businesses, and public places. Not only do they improve the safety and accessibility of these spaces, they also reach something deep in our souls, bringing us comfort while stimulating the imagination. Good lighting is essential, but dirty light fixtures take away fr…Read More

  6. 5 Great Ways To Make Your Business Look More Professional

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  7. Insulate Your Windows To Improve Energy Efficiency

    Want to lower your energy bills and save money every month, year after year? A great way to do this is by insulating your windows, which has the effect of improving your home’s energy efficiency. It also keeps your indoor climate more comfortable by avoiding temperature fluctuations from one room …Read More

  8. What To Do About Your Scratched Windows

    Just because your windows are scratched up doesn’t mean they’re ruined. Before spending big dollars to have them replaced, consider window restoration services. Here in New York City, you can check out the restoration and repair services we offer at Total Window Service. It IS Possible To Remove…Read More