Think you need to replace your windows? Think again! It’s possible that instead of window replacement, all you really need is an expert application of Low E window film. Read on to learn more about this low emissivity type of window film that New York City residents can benefit from.

What Is Low E Window Film?

Window films in general offer a number of benefits. They can give you privacy through frosted film or one-way mirror film, both of which have numerous applications in the commercial world. Solar window film can block both excessive heat and glare, creating an indoor environment that’s more comfortable to all your senses (including vision). Safety window film protects your family members from the dangers posed by sharp glass shards should a window shatter.

But what about Low E window film? What can it do for you?

Low E window film is a reliable heat-blocking and sun-blocking window film that’s perfect for dual-climate locations, like what we experience here in New York City. It is a high-performing window film option that effectively blocks harmful UV rays. It also blocks both transmitted and reflected light to significantly reduce glare, making it an excellent option for both the home and the workplace.

Essential to lower energy use, it’s a smart alternative to window replacement. The “E” stands for “emissivity,” which is a measure of how effectively it emits thermal radiation, or heat. Because this type of window film has a low level of emissivity, it will not radiate outside heat into your indoor environment on those suffocatingly hot days.

What’s more, it acts as an effective barrier on cold days, too, ensuring that the heat you’re paying for to warm up your home or business stays inside instead of being lost to the outside. Low E window film is a good choice for window insulation thanks to its low emissivity properties.

Within the industry, the “E” is also referred to as “energy” in many circles, since this efficient window film leads to low-energy consumption and, in turn, lower energy bills. When you have Total Window Service expertly apply low E window film on your windows, you’ll extend the life of your windows while paying less to heat or cool your living spaces.

How You Can Benefit

Many people here in New York City choose low E window film application because of the numerous advantages it offers. The benefits include:

  • Insulates Your Windows Against The Cold: Heat has a hard time passing through this film, which means your home or your business will not lose as much indoor heating to the outside world, keeping your indoor environment nice and warm even on bitterly cold days.
  • Insulates Your Windows Against The Heat: Because very little heat can pass through this material, your home or business will stay cooler on those hot, muggy summer days. The outside heat cannot easily pass through the window film, so your indoor air stays cooler and you stay more comfortable!
  • Leads To Lower Energy Use: Because low E window film effectively insulates you against the elements, you won’t be using as much energy to cool or heat your home, and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.
  • Extends The Life Of Your Windows: If you’re feeling cold drafts and you think it’s time to replace your windows, you may want to try insulating them first. We can perform window insulation measures for you, including low E window film application for lower energy consumption, and caulking to seal off any gaps or leaks.
  • Protects Your Loved Ones And Your Valuable Possessions Against UV: The sun emits UV (ultraviolet) rays that can be harmful to your loved ones, especially when they sit by a window in full sun. UV rays can also degrade and discolor everything from your favorite couch to your treasured family portraits on the wall. By having low E film applied to your windows, you end up protecting the people you love and the possessions you cherish.

Other Window Film Options

While this is an excellent choice when it comes to window film options, we do have other products and services available to meet your specific needs. Choose from any of the following window film options for your residential or commercial needs:

Total Window Service can help your windows look beautiful year-round through additional services. We can do a one-time cleaning of all your windows for you, or we can set you up with monthly or quarterly window-cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about this time-consuming chore. Businesses in particular benefit from regularly scheduled window washing services. If you have chandeliers, skylights, or greenhouses that need a thorough cleaning, we can take care of that for you, too.

Contact Total Window Service Today!

Before you replace your windows, contact Total Window Service. Based in New York, we can assess the condition of your windows and let you know whether or not it’s worth extending the life of your existing windows through window film application.

Even if you have newer windows, film can help with your energy use (offering energy savings), glare reduction, and indoor environment comfort. Contact our friendly representatives today to learn how low E window films can help you!