Up close view of a wall of windows on a high-rise building.

Who Has Time To Clean Windows?

As a business owner or office manager, you have so much to do already to keep your business afloat. You don’t have time to clean your windows, and your employees have their own tasks to take care (besides, it would be downright rude to saddle your administrative assistant or web developer with the job of periodically washing your windows).

The right thing to do is to hire professional help to handle this important job. A business like Total Window Service that focuses on residential and commercial window cleaning in New York City will wash your windows efficiently and economically, enabling you to tend to other important matters while ensuring that your business’ physical presence makes a good impression. In the world of business, first impressions are critical!

What’s more, we can put you on a regular schedule so you don’t ever have to worry about your windows. That’s what a professional window cleaning service like ours can do for you.

We Can Increase Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

How would you like to lower your energy bills while increasing your property’s energy efficiency? Through the installation of quality window film, we can help you achieve these goals. In particular, our low E window film is designed to insulate your windows, keeping out the cold on those wintry days and keeping out the heat when the temperatures outside rise.

Since low E window film effectively insulates your indoor environment against the elements, you’ll be using less energy to heat or cool your business, in the process keeping everyone more comfortable and spending less money on heating and cooling.

Window film accomplishes many other goals as well, from reducing glare to increasing privacy. It can even protect your property against graffiti vandalism. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of installing window film.

Your Lights Need Attention, Too

An often overlooked task, light fixture cleaning can improve your indoor spaces, brightening up areas to improve employee morale. Having all of your light fixtures cleaned will also save you money on your electricity bills, since you won’t need to power on as many lights to get the desired brightness in your business’ indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact Total Window Service here in NYC to learn how our light fixture and chandelier cleaning services can benefit you.

Do Your Glass Surfaces Need Restoration Services?

Especially if you’re in an older building, your windows may need some love and attention. It’s not always necessary to replace old windows; if any of the windows or other glass surfaces at your business are scratched up, glass restoration services may be just what you need to restore these surfaces to a pristine, clear, and beautiful appearance. Our window repair technicians can restore even glass surfaces that seem hopelessly damaged. To find out if our glass restoration services can benefit you, give us a call.

Call to action about keeping the exterior of your commercial building clean.

We Can Clean Your Business’ Exterior

As we mentioned earlier, first impressions count in the world of business. If your building’s exterior is dirty and unpleasant to look at, it’s time for specialized work to spruce up your appearance. We offer several services to help with these efforts, including the following:

  • Metal Facade Cleaning: We will inspect your building’s facade and determine the best methods and cleaners to use.
  • Window Caulking: Not only will this beauty your building, it will also insulate your windows and improve your energy efficiency.
  • Soft Wash: Our soft wash services will clean any delicate parts of your building facade that require a gentler, more meticulous touch.
  • Building Facade Cleaning: We’ll get rid of cobwebs, algae, dirt, and anything else dirtying your exterior; we can also clean your awnings!
  • Power Wash: If your sidewalks, entryway, or building exterior need a power wash, we’re up to the job.
  • Pressure Wash: For a more heavy-duty cleaning, our power wash services are available to you.

Call Us For Commercial Window Cleaning Services And More!

To summarize, these are some of the great ways that we can help you take care of important building maintenance jobs efficiently and affordably:

  • Professional window cleaning services
  • Window film installation
  • Chandelier and light fixture cleaning
  • Glass restoration services
  • Business exterior cleaning

These services can improve employee morale, which in turn will increase productivity. Our services will create beautiful, clean spaces that everyone will enjoy being in; they will also help your business make a great first impression and even improve your building’s energy efficiency, thus saving you money.

Even better, you won’t have to worry about taking time from your busy schedule to tend to property maintenance needs. We’ll do it all for you! Get in touch with us today here in the greater New York City region for a free, no-obligation quote. Our friendly, professional window technicians are ready to assist. Contact us today!