Window caulking is one of those home maintenance jobs that few people think of, but that can offer considerable savings in both energy usage and utility bills by sealing closed any gaps that may exist.

Why Window Caulking Matters

Over time, caulk wears out and leaves small holes through which air can seep in or out. With improperly caulked windows, you’ll find that in the summer, you have to run your air conditioner more to maintain cool temperatures inside. During the winter months, your heating bill may go up as your heated air escapes through these gaps. Any time of year, windows with poor or no caulking can let in annoying drafts.

How We Can Help

We’ll locate all your leaks and expertly caulk your windows to seal them correctly, ensuring that you’re not paying extra on your energy bills. First we’ll remove old, worn, and disintegrating caulking, if any is present, and we’ll follow that by applying fresh new caulking to close up holes and stop any drafts. After we’re done, you should notice a discernible difference in air and temperature comfort levels, as well as in energy savings.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to saving you money by sealing any gaps that worn caulking has created, we are available to help you with the following services we offer:

  • Window repair
  • Window insulation services
  • Commercial and residential window cleaning services
  • Skylight and greenhouse cleaning and restoration
  • Safety, privacy, and solar window tinting
  • Glass scratch and graffiti removal
  • Light fixture cleaning

Let us help you with your residential or commercial window-related needs. Give us a call today, or fill out our convenient online form, and a member of our team of New York City window professionals will respond with a no-obligation quote.