Office Privacy Film (Frosted)

New York is a busy place, and chances are, you want privacy from the thousands of people walking by, especially at the office. Frosted windows prevent those on the outside from looking inside, and from bothersome light from coming in. Total Window Service is experienced in frosted windows and applying the material to a variety of window types and compositions. The frosted look is not only a nice touch aesthetic-wise, but it also adds a layer of privacy to your office.

One Way Mirror

A one-way mirror is an excellent way to provide privacy to either an indoor or outdoor window without ruining the aesthetic of the glass. On the outside of the window, there is a film that acts as a mirror that cannot be seen from the inside. However, on the inside, the outside is completely visible! Total Window Service is experienced in applying one-way mirror films, and we can help add privacy to your office or store.

Interested in privacy window tinging or film?

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