There are at least two main reasons why you would want to install high-reflective window film. First, it is the most effective film for reducing solar heat gain. And second, it works to improve daytime privacy.

One-Way Mirrored Film (Daytime Privacy)

This type of window film is specifically designed to provide privacy and maximize solar heat and glare reduction. The structure of the film is highly reflective from the exterior and low-reflective from the interior. Therefore, you will not get that mirrored look from inside the room. It is transparent, and it is also one of the darkest films that we provide. This is a popular choice for homes and businesses alike, including our NYC skyscrapers.

High-Reflective Window Film

This type of window film significantly reduces solar heat inside the room without blocking too much light. Another benefit is that it is silver, and after installation, the glass keeps its natural look. Depending on the level of darkness that is selected, it can also work as a privacy film because of its high reflectivity.

Please keep in mind that one-way mirror and high-reflective window film does not provide privacy when it’s dark. You can check the slides and see how it would look at night.

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