Before windows, homes, buildings, and offices were dingy places where most employees and people, in general, did not want to go. If you have interior rooms of your home without windows or only a very tiny window, then you understand this feeling completely. Windows, by letting in light, make your home or office feel open, airy, and bright. You want to be at work when you can look out at the world around you.

Total Window Service has devoted our lives to ensuring your NYC commercial windows are clean and shiny, letting in the light on those days you need positivity in your world. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of commercial window cleaning in NYC a bit more in-depth. Contact our window cleaning company today!


Health and Well-Being

Clean windows let in more natural light, which is good for our souls. They improve productivity in workers who naturally feel better with more light. Being able to see outside also eases any feeling of claustrophobia some people feel when they are in enclosed spaces. Plus, when you can see outside, you can see nature, such as the trees, birds, butterflies, and the like. Nature, too, has a positive effect on us. So when the afternoon slump tends to hit, nature can often give people the boost they need to make it through the workday.

Saves You Money

Many employers have their employees occasionally clean the windows. Total Window Service in NYC advises against this for the main reason that you will save money by partnering with us instead. When you have untrained employees clean windows, it takes them longer, and they don’t do as good of a job as professionally-trained commercial window cleaners. They often leave streaks and miss areas, sometimes leaving your windows looking worse than before.

Plus, if you are having employees climb up ladders to wash windows, this is a liability and safety issue that you simply cannot afford. Not only are you putting your employees who have not been properly trained with ladders at risk, but you are also opening yourself up to a lawsuit if they do fall. By partnering with a licensed and trained window cleaning crew, such as Total Window Service in NYC, you will be removing both the safety and the liability issues.

Helps Find Damage

Windows, while great to look out of, can be overlooked in the hubbub of your typical business day. Odds are, none of your employees are inspecting your windows for signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or pooling water in the corners. When you invest in a professional commercial window cleaning company in NYC, your windows will be examined on a regular basis, and any signs of damage can be reported and attended to promptly. This will save you money in expensive repairs and building damage down the road.

Makes a Positive First Impression with Customers

A positive first impression is essential in the business world, especially in NYC. Now that the world has become one by the means of the internet, consumers can now get almost everything they need online without having to visit stores and shops. Thus, you want to ensure your business portrays an image of professionalism and top-notch quality at all times.

Having clean windows goes a long way in the mind of a consumer who then subconsciously correlates clean windows with a clean, professional, detail-oriented business who can take care of their needs in the same manner. Windows with streaks and fingerprints convey a feeling of dirtiness, which most people inherently dislike. When you partner with a commercial window cleaning company in NYC, you can rest assured that your windows will be streak-free and clean, giving consumers a great first impression.


When it comes to professional commercial window cleaning in and around New York City, Total Window Service has many options to offer. We work with different types of equipment, including heavy machinery like bucket trucks and boom lifts, in order to access surfaces located in any area of our clients’ buildings. No matter how high your building is, we will come up with the right solution to perform a safe and top-quality job! Whether you’re in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, or any neighboring communities, feel free to contact Total Window Service to learn more about our reliable commercial window cleaning services.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

We are certified by IRATA & SPRAT World and US Rope Access Associations. Rope access typically allows us to clean up to 80 percent of any building’s outer surfaces on all sides. This approach is much less expensive compared to bucket trucks or boom lifts, and it allows us to offer our customers affordable, competitive prices on commercial window cleaning services in NYC and beyond.

Suspended Scaffold Cleaning (Davit System)

For buildings with a permanently suspended scaffold (Davit System), we offer our professional window cleaning team. All our window cleaning supervisors are well-trained in using scaffolds, and they are required to pass a 32-hour suspended scaffold supervisor training class.

Aerial Lifts, Bucket Trucks, And Boom Lifts

Sometimes, accessing windows can become a challenge. When rope access and other means are not possible, we offer our customers effective bucket truck or boom lift services for window washing and glass restorations. This approach is more expensive, but you can always be sure that we will reach each and every corner to achieve the desired results safely and effectively.