In relation to commercial window cleaning, Total Window Service has many options to offer. We work with different types of equipment,  including heavy machines, like bucket trucks and boom lifts, in order to access surfaces located in any area of our clients’ buildings. No matter how high your building is, we will come up with the right solution to perform a safe and high-quality job!

Rope Access Window Cleaning

We are certified by IRATA & SPRAT World and US Rope Access Associations. Rope access usually allows us to clean up to 80 percent of any building’s outer surfaces on all sides. This approach is much less expensive in comparison to bucket trucks or boom lifts, and allows us to offer really competitive prices to our customers.

Suspended Scaffold Cleaning (Davit System)

For buildings with a permanently suspended scaffold (Davit System), we offer our professional window cleaning team. All our window cleaning supervisors are well-trained in using scaffolds, and they are required to pass a 32-hour suspended scaffold supervisor training class.

Aerial Lifts. Bucket Trucks. Boom Lifts.

Sometimes, accessing windows can become a challenge. When rope access and other means are helpless, we gladly offer our customers effective bucket truck or boom lift service. This approach is more expensive, but you can always be sure that we will reach each and every corner to achieve the requested results safely and effectively.