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Graffiti Protection in Brooklyn

Protect your property from vandalism!

We are proudly offering you one of the most effective means of protecting your property from graffiti — anti-graffiti window film. It protects glass surfaces from different graffiti types, such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges. Window film can be used to protect any kind of property from private homes to retail stores and restaurants. Film also provides a protective barrier for escalators, elevators, glass countertops, bathroom mirrors and different nonporous materials like stainless steel or marble.

Protects from: Application examples: Advantages:
Paint Storefront windows Less expensive
Key scratches Elevators and escalators Durable
Marking Mirrors Optically clear
Acid-etching Glass tables Easy removable
Construction debris Marble countertops Easy to apply
Glass oxidation Metal doors Reduces damage
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