As a small business owner, you are looking to save money any way you can. Pennies can matter, especially in tough times, economic climates, or in pandemics. Thus, you can’t afford to be replacing windows every few months when your business is hit by graffiti artists.

Total Window Service offers anti-graffiti window film in NYC. Our expert window technicians offer quick and convenient service, resulting in minimal impact to your business. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the many benefits of investing in anti-graffiti window film. Call our solar window film installation company today!


Easy Removal

When graffiti artists paint or etch your window, they are actually painting or marking on your graffiti protective film instead. The vandal won’t be able to tell the difference. However, to remove the graffiti, all you do is peel off the anti-graffiti window film and throw it away, leaving behind a perfectly sound window with no damage. Then, you simply apply a new anti-graffiti window film instead.

Saves You Money

If you’ve ever tried to scrub spray paint, you know this stuff does not want to be removed. It takes some serious elbow grease in order to do so — and most likely razor blades and harsh chemical solvents that require you to wear a mask so you can breathe. Still, scrubbing graffiti takes time and costs to pay someone to do that. If the graffiti artist instead uses an etching tool or gouges the glass, it will most likely require an expensive window replacement. Thus, with anti-graffiti window glass by Total Window Service in NYC, the etching is peeled away in a matter of minutes, saving countless headaches and hassles in the process.

Protects Your Glass

Glass isn’t exactly cheap, so anything you can do to protect it from damage will save you money in the long run. Anti-graffiti film creates a protective layer that will not only protect your glass from graffiti, but will also protect your glass from other nicks and scratches just from everyday wear and tear, dings, scratches, and more. Anti-graffiti film will most definitely extend the life of your windows.


Total Window Service in NYC offers the best residential and commercial window cleaning and washing service, as well as the best window graffiti protection. We understand what a hassle it can be to have graffiti on your windows and how expensive it can be as well. When you partner with us, our expert window installers will come to your home or office, install our anti-graffiti film, and help save your windows and money in the process. Call our team today!

Protect your property from vandalism!

We proudly offer you one of the most effective means of protecting your property from graffiti — anti-graffiti window film. It protects glass surfaces against damage from different types of graffiti, including scratches, acid etching, and gouges.

Anti-graffiti window film can be used to protect any kind of property, from private homes to retail stores and restaurants, as well as all types of organizations and business enterprises. It also provides a protective barrier for escalators, elevators, glass countertops, bathroom mirrors, and different nonporous materials, such as stainless steel or marble. Contact Total Window Service to learn more.

Protects from: Application examples: Advantages:
Paint Storefront windows Less expensive
Key scratches  Elevators and escalators  Durable
Marking  Mirrors  Optically clear
Acid etching  Glass tables  Easy to remove
Construction debris  Marble countertops  Easy to apply
Glass oxidation  Metal doors  Reduces damage