School, Office or Place of Worship Safety Window Film Installation

Everyone deserves to be safe at their school, work or place of worship. Total Window Service offers Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film Installations.

Armorcoat Safety & Security Film is a multi-ply polyester product that is retrofitted to existing glass and anchored to a window frame (or actual building, in some cases). Anchoring safety film is a method of securing film to the frame using a structural silicone or mechanical attachment system. While the safety film holds the shattered glass together, this anchoring system secures the film to the frame, creating an effective barrier against unwanted intruders.

Safety Window Film Key Benefits

  • Blast and impact resistant
  • Reduces risk for airborne glass shards and debris
  • Holds glass shards in place
  • Secures broken glass reducing cleanup time
  • Protection against solar radiation

Comfort Benefits

  • Various light transmission ranging from 20-72
  • High heat rejection resulting in improved comfort
  • Blocks UV Rays to protect people and property

We categorize our Armorcoat Series by application, recommending options with 4-7 Mil thickness for classic glass retention, vandalism deterrence, and added protection against storefront breaking and entering, and reserving the 8-14 Mil films for the most demanding security needs, including anti-intrusion and blast mitigation. These thicker products require an anchoring system to the frame or building to achieve optimum installation effectiveness.

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