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We are team of professional window cleaners who specialize on Residential and Commercial window cleaning, glass restoration and window tinting. Total Window Service has been New York’s trusted window cleaning service for over a decade. All employees in our commercial window cleaning company are well-trained and certified in using rope access techniques, aerial lifts, suspended scaffolds, etc. We also developed a training program for our employees to create a perfect residential window cleaning service. They trained to be professional, neat, punctual and well organized.

In addition, we are certified Solar Gard Window Film dealers in New York. We provide our customers with high-quality window film, which is covered with a limited life time warranty. Our team members have all necessary skills and knowledge to find the best solutions to our customers’ needs.

The mission of our company is to create the perfect service which will help our customers to improve their comfort, safety and minimize their energy expenses.

With providing our green cleaning services, we want to make a contribution into New York’s environment by making it greener and less polluted.

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Fully insured professional window cleaning, window film installation and glass restoration services in New York City and Tri-State Area