1. Contemporary window designs on a skyscraper.

    How Window Designs Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home Or Business

    Here in New York City, our buildings date back across many historical eras, so it’s no surprise that we have a wide range of architectural styles across our boroughs. Every time period brought us different types of building facades, each with its own kinds of windows. In today’s blog, we want to…Read More

  2. Woman wearing winter clothes staring at a storefront holiday display.

    How To Use Your Windows To Attract More Customers

    We are in the midst of the holiday shopping season, and there’s quite a bit that you can do to attract more customers to your shop here in New York City. We’ll go over several ideas in today’s blog. Decorate Your Windows And Storefronts It doesn’t take much to add a splash of color and pizza…Read More

  3. Round and oblong light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

    How Clean Light Fixtures Will Benefit You!

    Even if you’re fastidiously clean and one of the most immaculate people in the world, chances are there’s something in your home or business that is not getting cleaned as often as it should. We’re talking about your light fixtures and chandeliers. When’s the last time you cleaned them? Take…Read More

  4. Clean window that is slightly open, with blue-green curtains on either side.

    7 Easy Ways To Protect Your Windows

    Your windows are important. They give you a view to the world outside, expanding your horizons and keeping you from living in a cave! They let sunlight in, which is so important for your overall health, including your mental well-being. Protecting your windows is important so that you can enjoy them…Read More

  5. Sunlight illuminating the New York City skyline.

    What Professional Window Cleaning Can Do For You

    Whether you’re in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, or anywhere else in the NYC region, your windows will get dirty, guaranteed! First, we have four-season weather here, and the mixture of rain, snow, wind, beating sun, hail, and other natural elements throughout the year leads to the need for freq…Read More