Woman wearing winter clothes staring at a storefront holiday display.

We are in the midst of the holiday shopping season, and there’s quite a bit that you can do to attract more customers to your shop here in New York City. We’ll go over several ideas in today’s blog.

Decorate Your Windows And Storefronts

It doesn’t take much to add a splash of color and pizzazz to your commercial windows. A string of white or colored lights adds everything from nostalgia to a sense of warmth, inviting passersby to get out of the cold and step inside your shop.

If you know someone with artistic talent, you can hire them to draw a holiday scene on your windows (using art supplies that will wash off easily when the time comes, of course).

The more you can do to beautify your windows and storefronts for the holidays, the higher your chances of drawing in more holiday shoppers.

Advertise Your Specials

Use your window space to advertise your specials. Be sure to do so tastefully. You can use attractive signs that draw attention while adhering to your brand and exuding quality and elegance. Display these signs prominently on your windows, advertising specials that will draw more customers in.

Create An Attention-Grabbing Display

Have you ever seen the movie A Christmas Story? At the start of this classic movie, a large group of kids hovers around a store window, mesmerized by all of the toys on display. Create this effect by making your own beautiful, irresistible window display.

Choose a theme that corresponds to what you’re selling. Add some of your best, most enticing products to the display, arranging everything in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. Your window spaces and storefronts can be used effectively as commercials without customers even thinking twice about the fact that you’re advertising to them.

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Fix Any Scratches Or Cracks

More customers will look into your store AND walk in if your windows are in good condition. Stores with cracked or scratched windows are not inviting at all. If you have scratched windows, be aware that there’s a good chance you can have them fixed instead of having to pay for brand new windows.

Contact Total Window Service to talk with one of our window technicians and discuss whether or not we can repair your scratched and damaged windows. Your phone call can save you a great deal of money if we can fix them, since the alternative (window replacement) can be very costly. Give us a call today!

Opt For Commercial Window Cleaning Services Here In New York City

Don’t forget the obvious: clean windows draw customers! If your windows are coated in a film of dark grime, people will pass up your shop and head to another more inviting one.

Commercial window cleaning can remedy this situation and get more people to walk into your store and browse your wares. Clean windows make a huge difference in terms of customer satisfaction, as well as in reflecting the quality and professionalism of your business.

Dirty windows scream, “Stay out!”

Clean windows beckon, “Come inside!”

Which do you want your windows to call out? The answer is obvious. And the solution is to contact reliable Brooklyn window cleaning specialists to get the job done right and to do it quickly, efficiently, and affordably!

Contact Total Window Service Today

Are you ready to have your scratched windows repaired? Want to get your storefront windows squeaky clean? Contact Total Window Service! We serve Brooklyn and beyond with top-quality commercial window cleaning services that will make your storefront shine. We’ll do the job right, no matter how many windows you have or how large or high-up they may be. Contact us today!