Round and oblong light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Even if you’re fastidiously clean and one of the most immaculate people in the world, chances are there’s something in your home or business that is not getting cleaned as often as it should.

We’re talking about your light fixtures and chandeliers.

When’s the last time you cleaned them?

Take a look at them now. What do you see? Do your light fixtures have a thick film of dust on them? Are they dim and dingy when, instead, they should be bright and clean?

How about your chandeliers … do they look like the sparkling centerpieces they were designed to be, or do they look like they belong in a haunted mansion, complete with age-old dust and cobwebs galore?

The good news is that, here in New York City, you can enjoy light fixture and chandelier cleaning services that will leave every light in your home or business sparkling clean!

Total Window Service isn’t just about providing top-notch window cleaning services in NYC. We’re also about cleaning your lights, chandeliers, greenhouses, skylights, building facades, storefronts, and more.

Plus, we handle both residential and commercial jobs. If you’re in or around Brooklyn, you can depend on us for great window cleaning services year-round. You can also count on us to beautify your home or business through our reliable, thorough light fixture and chandelier cleaning services.

Improves Your Mood

One important way you’ll benefit from clean light fixtures is an improvement in your mood. With clean light fixtures, your rooms will be brighter and cheerier, and your overall attitude will likely improve significantly.

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Boosts Your Health

Clean lights can also improve your health. A lot of dirt can be trapped in your light fixtures, without you even realizing it, including allergens, bacteria, irritants, and other pollutants. By getting your lights cleaned, our crews at Total Window Service can make your entire home or business environment a lot healthier.

Makes Your Home or Business Look Better

Whether you run a household or a business, you want to look good! Clean light fixtures and sparkling chandeliers will contribute to the aesthetics of your home or workplace. It’s a great way to make your home a more welcoming place and to give your business a more professional appearance.

We Provide Light Fixture And Window Cleaning Services In NYC

Ready for clean lights? Contact Total Window Service. We’ll take care of you. Reach out to our company today and a rep will be happy to talk with you.