New York City

There is no denying that we are in crisis mode at this time.

The current global pandemic has hit New York City hard, and our people are feeling it.

We are rooting for those on the front lines, including all of the medical workers who risk their own lives to be there for our community members when they become sick, and also anyone with an essential role to fulfill that puts them at risk.

Our hearts go out to everybody affected by this pandemic, especially those who are experiencing the illness and the loss of a loved one in a very personal, painful way.

This is not what we want for our beautiful city. Our fervent hope is that people may remain safe during this outbreak, that it passes quickly, and that the vibrancy, optimism, and energy our city is known for can return in full very soon.

We know we share these wishes with every New Yorker out there. We are all trying to shoulder the burden however we can to lighten everybody’s load.

What Can We Do At This Time?

Like many of our fellow citizens and local small businesses, we wonder how we can put our services to use while our city faces enormous challenges.

One way Total Window Service can help is through our window cleaning services for New York City and the surrounding communities.

Because everyone is isolated at home, New Yorkers must work extra hard to keep their spirits up and keep moving forward.

By washing the outside of your windows, we can help brighten your outlook for a sunnier, cheerier view to the world. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a very real way to help boost yourself and your loved ones as we keep practicing social distancing and self-isolation for the good of the community.

Our Brooklyn and NYC window cleaning services can be scheduled and paid for online, which means you will not need to come into contact with any of our employees or window technicians. They can clean the outside of your windows only to avoid coming into contact with you, thus helping to keep you and your household safe.

Reach Out For An Appointment

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your days while keeping a safe distance from others, consider making an appointment to have just the outside of your home’s or business’ windows cleaned. Having this done can bring numerous benefits, from hygiene and sanitation, to improvement in morale. Reach out to Total Window Service today to schedule your window exterior cleaning appointment.