Clean window that is slightly open, with blue-green curtains on either side.

Your windows are important. They give you a view to the world outside, expanding your horizons and keeping you from living in a cave! They let sunlight in, which is so important for your overall health, including your mental well-being. Protecting your windows is important so that you can enjoy them and so that you won’t have to spend a small fortune on replacing them anytime soon. Read our tips to learn how to protect your windows and keep them beautiful and functional for as long as possible!

Employ Proper Window Cleaning Techniques

Far too many people don’t know how to use the correct window washing methods here in New York City, and as a result, they unintentionally damage their windows. This damage can take on different forms, from the glass being scratched up, to the frame being nicked or its paint accidentally scraped off.

Professional window cleaning technicians like our team members here at Total Window Service in NYC are taught the proper techniques to avoid causing any damage to the windows being cleaned, or to surrounding areas. We take seriously our job of cleaning our clients’ windows while protecting the glass and the finish so you’re left with spotless, beautiful portals to the outside world when we’re done!

Use Gentle Cleaners

Another important point to remember is to use gentle, nonabrasive cleaners. Harsh cleaners can scratch or etch your windows; in addition, the wrong cleaners can cloud them. Be sure to always use chemicals that won’t hurt the glass or the window’s frame.

Don’t Roughhouse Near Your Windows

If you’re going to wrestle with a buddy or toss a ball around, stay clear of your windows! Accidents can happen, and a forcefully thrown ball can do considerable damage. Be careful around windows; if you must do anything physical, like intense aerobics, stay in control to avoid accidentally falling into your window and breaking it (and possibly hurting yourself in the process).

Add Protective Film

Many of our window washing clients here in NYC also request our window film installation services. Having safety window film professionally installed is a great way to protect your windows. In addition, this film can keep your home safe from intruders, backyard flying balls, shattered glass, and break-ins. To learn more about the value of security window film installation, contact Total Window Services today.

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Repair Any Broken Parts In A Timely Manner

Is the window frame cracked or broken? If so, it’s placing uneven pressure on your glass, which can result in a cracked or shattered pane of glass before you know it. Repairing the frame can protect the glass and prolong the life of your windows.

Are the window latches and locks broken? Get those fixed, too, not only to keep your windows working properly, but to protect your home against vandals and intruders.

Keep Tree Limbs Away

While it’s great to have beautiful trees to look at outside our windows, it’s important to remember to keep branches and tree limbs a safe distance away. Take a look at your windows right now; are there any branches that seem dangerously close? If a sudden wind gust were to blow through at this very moment, would a heavy branch possibly hit your window? Could a large branch break and fall into your window, breaking it and putting anyone in the vicinity at risk of injury? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to cut some tree limbs to avoid damage, pain, or suffering.

Trim Adjacent Shrubs

If you have hedges or bushes right up against your windows, keep them trimmed back. Branches and thorns that are too close can scratch the exterior of your windows. To avoid this, pay attention to your landscaping and cut back any shrubs that might be rubbing against window glass.

When You Need Reliable Window Cleaning In NYC

We hope you’ve found this article useful! At Total Window Services, cleaning and protecting our clients’ windows is important to us. We take care of businesses and homes throughout NYC through our professional window cleaning services, and we’d be happy to do the same for your property. If you’re looking for services beyond window washing, we can help with that, too. Our services include glass restoration and lighting fixture cleaning. Contact us today!