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The Many Benefits Of Window Film In New York City

Have you been thinking about installing window film on your windows here in NYC? Many homeowners and business owners alike opt for this solution to many of the issues commonly encountered with windows here. If you have been considering window film installation, read on to learn about the many benefits it can bring you and your loved ones!

Gives You The Privacy You Need

If a bedroom or living space is overly exposed, window film can make a huge difference and bring you the privacy you need.

Choose the tint level that works best for you; if you need just a little bit of extra privacy, then a lower tint level will work just fine. If you need more privacy, darker shades of glass film are available. Ask a window specialist at Total Window Service to go over options with you.

Reduces Reflections And Glare In General

Is there a time of day when reflections from neighbors’ windows or cars parked outside intrude into your living space? It can be difficult to deal with this; you may feel tempted to close your blinds and keep them that way all day long! But if you long to regain your view to the world, another solution is window film.

Wherever you work, be it at home or at a business that you commute to, glare can be a problem. It can get in the way of your productivity while resulting in eyestrain and headaches. To reduce glare and improve both your workplace wellness and productivity, invest in window film (or ask your manager to consider this). We at Total Window Service will be happy to talk with your boss and list the many benefits that glass film can bring to your workplace!

Amazing Energy Savings

Solar window film can result in incredible energy savings. Window film on your glass surfaces (including any glass doors or skylights) will give you better control over your heating and cooling needs inside your home. You will end up using less energy, and your bills will be lower. In today’s world where environmental impact is a growing concern, saving energy is a great idea and a responsible approach all the way around.

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UV Protection For Everyone Inside

Do you like to sit by the window? Do your family members enjoy soaking up the sun as they relax indoors near a window? It’s great for everyone to get some sun, however, it’s important to protect yourself and your family against the sun’s more harmful rays.

The great thing about solar window film is that it can block up to 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays to give everyone in your household much-needed protection against these damaging rays. Talk to one of our window technicians here in New York City to learn more about the high-quality window films that are available for blocking UV energy.

Even Vandal Protection!

Did you know that window film can offer protection against vandalism? It can! Whether for your home, your storefront, or any business, graffiti-protection window film can protect your glass surfaces from scratches or graffiti damage. Talk to us to learn more!

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