1. Up close view of a wall of windows on a high-rise building.

    How Our Services Can Help With Your Business Maintenance Needs

    Who Has Time To Clean Windows? As a business owner or office manager, you have so much to do already to keep your business afloat. You don’t have time to clean your windows, and your employees have their own tasks to take care (besides, it would be downright rude to saddle your administrative assi…Read More

  2. Soft Wash Versus Power Wash: What’s the Difference?

    What’s in a Name? Some individuals, and even some businesses, use the terms soft wash, power wash, and pressure wash interchangeably, but technically, there’s a difference between each technique. In this blog, we want to go over what these differences are and clear up any confusion you may have …Read More

  3. What Clean Chandeliers And Light Fixtures Can Do For You!

    Lights add so much to our homes, businesses, and public places. Not only do they improve the safety and accessibility of these spaces, they also reach something deep in our souls, bringing us comfort while stimulating the imagination. Good lighting is essential, but dirty light fixtures take away fr…Read More

  4. Prep Your Windows Before The Holiday Season Gets Here

    Summer isn’t even over yet, so why are we talking about the holiday season? Because these next months will go by so fast, and they can be some of the busiest months for many commercial enterprises. Taking care of any window maintenance jobs now, and setting up your commercial window cleaning sched…Read More

  5. How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

    New York City is an exciting, bustling place where something’s happening any time of day. This is great for residents, visitors, and commuters alike, especially when it comes to job-related opportunities, entertainment venues, and dining options, but the downside is that all that activity creates …Read More

  6. How Window Cleaning Can Help You Save Money Part 2

    Every business in today’s competitive business environment needs to spend their budget wisely. There is simply too much competition out there to recklessly spend money, and that’s true no matter what industry your business is in, or how big or small it is. However, when it comes to commercial wi…Read More

  7. How Window Cleaning Can Help You Save Money

    No business wants to spend more than they have to. There’s a lot of competition out there for businesses in almost every industry, and in order to stay competitive, you need to make the most out of your budget. No business, big or small, wants to spend money unnecessarily, and if you’ve been thi…Read More

  8. The Importance of Clean Windows for Your Business

    Commercial window cleaning in New York City may seem like an expense that you could easily and painlessly cut out of your budget, but it’s important for many reasons. There’s a lot of competition out there, and that’s true no matter what industry your business is in. With so much competition, …Read More