In New York City, the exteriors of our buildings stand up to a great deal of environmental forces, including driving winds, pounding blizzards, and intense heat and UV rays from the sun. What’s more, these building exteriors are regularly subjected to a wide range of pollutants, some of which are corrosive (at least to some degree) to the materials that the buildings are made of.

For these and other reasons, it’s important to take care of maintenance tasks periodically to restore the beauty of our area’s historic buildings. If you own a commercial building in or near New York City, read on to learn what you can do to beautify the outside of your property.

Get Your Outside Walls Power Washed

A good power wash will get rid of the dirt that’s covering up the beautiful colors, textures, and architectural design features of your commercial building. A high-pressure water sprayer is used to effectively remove cobwebs, dust, grime, mold, moss, mud, soot, and more from external walls, windows, and awnings. A combination of this pressure wash approach and the right cleaning products will leave the outside of your commercial building sparkling clean!

If the building’s materials require a softer touch, then a good choice is a soft wash. With this option, your building can be restored to its original finish without inadvertently damaging any delicate stonework or brickwork.

Have The Metal Facade Cleaned

Are there prominent metal features on the outside of your building? Has this metal facade discolored or lost its shine? Be aware that metal facade cleaning services exist to restore these metal features and beautify your building. Create the impression you want even after a single cleaning session.

Fix Damaged Glass Through Restoration Services

Have your windows or other glass surfaces been the subject of attack from graffiti vandals? Don’t despair; there is an affordable solution that removes these ugly marks and restores the beauty of your building. It’s called glass restoration, and it’s much more affordable and attainable than you might imagine!

If your windows are scratched, etched, or simply dark and cloudy because of oxidation and long-term accumulation of New York City’s pollution, you may be putting up with their unattractive appearance because you can’t afford to replace them. Here’s the thing, though — you don’t have to put up with unsightly, damaged windows when the economical solution is to have them restored.

Have Protective Window Film Installed

There are several good reasons for adding protective films to windows, including the following:

  • Increased Privacy
  • Greater Visual Appeal
  • Protection Against Graffiti
  • Glare Control
  • Energy Savings
  • Protection From Break-ins

Often a solution homeowners turn to for greater comfort and safety, window film is also available for commercial buildings.

Hire A Window Cleaning Service

Perhaps all your building really needs is heavy-duty cleaning of its windows. True of any building, but especially true of properties where glass windows are the most prominent external feature, regularly scheduled commercial window cleanings can accomplish beautification easily, quickly, and affordably.

Keeping your commercial windows clean can improve both the perceived and actual value of your property. If you want to impress everyone who looks at your building or does business with you there, hire a professional window cleaning company for regularly scheduled service that’ll keep your building sparkling!

Turn To Total Window Service For Help

If you need one or more of the services mentioned above, you’re in luck, because Total Window Service is equipped to handle all of these maintenance tasks for you. Don’t waste your time trying to do these jobs yourself when our professional services can save you time and ultimately save you money, too, since we’ll do it right the first time! To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.