New York City is an exciting, bustling place where something’s happening any time of day. This is great for residents, visitors, and commuters alike, especially when it comes to job-related opportunities, entertainment venues, and dining options, but the downside is that all that activity creates pollution, which adheres to windows. To keep your business looking bright and clean, creating a favorable image with partners and clients and a positive work environment for employees, keep your windows clean with a commercial window cleaning service.

New York Windows Get Really Dirty

Our streets are filled with taxis, cars, and buses whisking business people and tourists from place to place, and delivery trucks bringing goods to local businesses. Our waterways bustle with activity too, complete with ferryboats, the coast guard, and plenty of other watercraft used for both business and leisure. Of course, birds travel through our city as well, and even though nature is great, windows often bear the brunt of our healthy bird population. These factors and more leave windows extremely dirty, making commercial window washing services a necessity for the majority of businesses in the area.

The Importance of Presenting a Professional Image

Clean windows speak volumes. If you have potential clients or business partners coming by, you know that they will evaluate your business in large part on the cleanliness of your environment. If there’s a film of dirt on your windows, or if they’re covered in grime, soot, and bird debris, they’ll notice, and it’ll take away from the pleasantness of their experience. In fact, it may put people off enough that they’ll decide to never return, and you’ll lose valuable customers and even potential business associates. Don’t make this mistake; always present a professional appearance by maintaining your windows clean.

The Value of Keeping Employees Happy

Without your employees and any contractors who work from your location, you don’t have a business. They hold your enterprise up, so it’s important to treat them with respect and create a comfortable, clean environment that keeps them happy. What’s more, happy employees tend to be more productive and conscientious. Invest in a top-quality commercial window cleaning service to make sure your employees have clear windows to look through, and to foster a more harmonious work environment for the wellbeing of every employee.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned

Many businesses are surprised to learn that having beautiful, clean windows year-round is doable and affordable. Because sparkling clean windows are so important to a positive work atmosphere and a favorable impression overall, it’s recommended that you have your windows cleaned professionally once a month.

The courteous cleaning technicians at Total Window Service are ready to keep your windows looking great throughout the year. We have built a reputation of being one of the best commercial window cleaners in the region, and we’re also available for total window service in the event that you need tinting. Give us a call, or request an estimate online, and we’ll get back to you promptly with an accurate estimate.