Are you looking for a reputable company that will provide you with outstanding window cleaning services in or near New York City? We’ve compiled a list of questions you need to ask before selecting a business to handle your window cleaning and restoration needs.

Can You Access Windows In High Places?

Especially here in New York City, it’s important that the window washers you hire have the right equipment, tools, and techniques to reach high places. Our city is full of skyscrapers, and even our shorter buildings can reach an impressive seven or eight stories high. If your home is in one of these tall buildings, or your business resides in a skyscraper, you’ll want the assurance that the window washing business you hire has the means to get the job done right.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Everybody loves a deal! Ask your prospective window services provider what types of discounts they offer. If they don’t offer any, you may want to save your money and look elsewhere. Or you can ask for a discount regardless and see what happens.

Do You Also Clean Light Fixtures And Offer More Services?

It’s often very convenient to hire one company that can handle multiple jobs for you, whether you own a business or you’re a homeowner or tenant. In addition to providing window cleaning services, what else can this company help you with? Do they clean light fixtures too? Skylights? Greenhouses? Can they restore any of your windows that have been etched by graffiti or that have been damaged by hard water or a thick buildup of grime? The more you can have one company do for you, the less time you’ll be spending searching for reliable workers to help with your property cleaning, repair, and maintenance tasks.

Is There Any Type Of Glass You Don’t Clean?

You may have stained glass windows that a window services provider may not want to touch for fear of damaging it. Or you may have skylights or windows made of specialized glass that may require special handling to clean. Don’t find out the hard way that the provider you selected is unable or unwilling to handle your specialty glass windows.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

This is an all-important question, one that you need to have answered to see if the cost of the company’s services falls within your budget. Keep in mind a couple of important points. First, the window washing company that gives you the lowest bid isn’t always right for the job. If they provide low-quality service, you’ll end up paying twice to get the job done right by another company the second time around.

And just as importantly, someone with an outrageously high bid may not deliver the exceptional service you might expect from such a high bidder. You may want to throw out the highest and the lowest bids and go with someone who gives you a more mid-range quote. But these are just guidelines. Always research the company thoroughly before reaching a decision.

Turn To Total Window Service

We’ve been in business here in New York City for over a decade. We clean skyscraper windows, we reach skylights and chandeliers, we clean light fixtures, and we restore damaged glass, among the many quality services we offer throughout Manhattan. And we believe that our prices are reasonable and affordable.

We also specialize in window films. If you’re looking for a way to increase privacy, reduce glare, improve your energy efficiency, or protect your windows against graffiti vandalism, ask us about our window film services.

If you need quality window care, look no further than Total Window Service. For a free estimate, contact us today!