Just because your windows are scratched up doesn’t mean they’re ruined. Before spending big dollars to have them replaced, consider window restoration services. Here in New York City, you can check out the restoration and repair services we offer at Total Window Service.

It IS Possible To Remove Scratches From Glass

It may feel counterintuitive, but you actually can have scratches removed from your windows and other glass surfaces through restorative methods. At Total Window Service, we employ a multistage approach to get rid of unsightly scratches. Our system renews the glass so you can enjoy your windows once more, whether at home or at your business, since we handle both residential and commercial accounts.

Replacing your windows can cost you upwards of 70 percent of what it would cost to repair them. We find that our clients are thankful that our window scratch removal system can save them a significant amount of money.


A Multi-step Process

Glass scratch repair takes a steady hand and a multi-step approach. We can make the glass look as good as new by removing scratches, acid graffiti or etching, corrosion, and oxidation. Our process includes doing the following:

  • Identify and isolate the scratches or damaged sections of glass;
  • Carefully remove the damaged areas through a grinding process; and
  • Polish the glass for a smooth, clear finish.

Once we’re through, your windows will look clear once more, letting you fully enjoy the view outside again. Our process is effective on different types of windows, including tempered clear, regular clear, single pane, and double pane. If you’re not sure whether we can remove scratches from your windows, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to assess the damage and give you a free estimate.

Related Glass Restoration Services

Particularly in new construction sites, windows take a beating. They can undergo a great deal of handling, jostling, and accidental scratching during installation. While these scratches may be minor, they nevertheless detract from the aesthetics of the new building. We can come in and clean up all these small scratches that your windows have accumulated at your new construction site.

We can also deal with unsightly, tough-to-remove etches created with acid or razors during incidents of graffiti vandalism. Some cases will take extra effort and care to repair, but we can get the job done to your satisfaction!

What You Can Do To Prevent Scratches

We’ve discovered that there is something that homeowners, renters, and business owners can do to prevent scratches from happening in the first place. It involves the installation of an anti-graffiti window film. This type of film can protect glass against numerous vandalism attempts, including acid etching, key scratches, gouging, and paint.

Protective window film can also create a barrier to prevent glass oxidation from taking place. Use it as well in construction zones to prevent miscellaneous construction debris from hitting and damaging your windows. This film is useful not just on glass, but on other smooth surfaces as well, including marble and stainless steel.


Window Restoration In New York City

For all your window restoration needs, contact the pros. Total Window Service offers complete window care services, including professional window washing. We’re also available to clean and restore light fixtures, skylights, chandeliers, greenhouses, and more.

If the outside of your building is looking drab, we offer services to spruce up its appearance and increase its appeal. For example, we can power wash your exterior walls, awnings, storefront, and sidewalk for a more inviting first impression.

Give us a call for an estimate and find out how affordable it can be to enjoy beautiful, clear windows!