Graffiti may be prevalent in our city, but you don’t have to live with it. If your windows have been scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged by graffiti artists or vandals, we have ways to restore your windows to their original beauty. Plus, our services are far more affordable than what it would cost to replace your windows.

Glass Restoration

Here in New York City, we’re hired by businesses and homeowners to restore glass that has been damaged for a variety of reasons. Our window technicians frequently have to restore windows that have been degraded because of an accumulation of hard water stains. Window washing alone doesn’t always take care of these types of buildup, but thankfully, window restoration services can. These services can also remove other types of stubborn buildup, including smog, grime, damage from acid rain, and a wide range of deposits.

Another type of window restoration service that Total Window Service provides involves removing graffiti that has been etched or scratched into glass.

Acid-etched Graffiti Removal

While challenging, it’s not impossible to remove graffiti markings that have been etched on glass with acid. Vandals seem to relish damaging property through this method, but thanks to the glass restoration methods Total Window Service employs, we can beat vandals at their game!

Often it’s stores and building lobbies that fall prey to acid-etched graffiti. Our customized glass buffing services can restore damaged glass and remove signs of ugly graffiti, bringing your windows and other affected glass surfaces back to life!

Glass Scratch Removal

Another type of glass damage vandals often inflict here in New York City is caused by scratching. Our glass scratch removal services are an affordable way to restore your windows to a smooth, clear appearance. Our Glass Renew System effectively removes scratches so you can keep your windows instead of having to go out and buy new ones. Our system restores glass through a grinding process followed by a polishing step. The results are graffiti-free windows you can once again enjoy looking out of! This process works on many different types of windows, including clear, single pane, and double pane.

Scratched Windows Repair

Sometimes scratches just happen; perhaps something falls out of the sky, dropped by a bird, and thankfully doesn’t break your window but ends up scratching it. Or passing trucks might inadvertently kick up rocks and debris that leave scratches on your windows. In these cases, Total Window Service can help, too. We’ll use our glass restoration techniques to restore your windows and make them beautiful once more.

It’s common for windows to get damaged in new construction projects. These windows can get scratched during the installation process. In such cases, the window usually doesn’t have to be thrown away. Give us a call, and we’ll work hard to restore it to save you money.

Consider Graffiti Protection

Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that vandals will strike again after we’ve removed graffiti and restored your windows, so you may want to consider doing something that will protect your glass surfaces against vandalism. Talk to us about installing anti-graffiti window film to proactively protect your property against future graffiti assaults.

Contact Total Window Services For All Your Window Restoration Needs

If you live in or near New York City, we can help you restore your windows through our affordable services. Even if you’re not sure the glass can be restored, give us a call. We’ll be glad to stop by for a free, honest estimate. If we feel you need new windows, we’ll tell you, but if our services can help you, we’ll definitely let you know. Give us a call today!