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Have you taken a good, close look at your windows lately? How do they look?

If they’re impacted in any of the following ways, it’s time to take steps to improve their appearance and, in turn, increase the value of your home:

  • Covered in a film of dirt and grime
  • Cloudy or discolored
  • Graffiti-etched glass
  • Hairline cracks
  • Scratched glass

You may think you need new windows, but most likely, all you need is a professional window cleaner or repairer to come by and work their magic on your glass surfaces! This is a much more economical option, and these affordable services can add tremendous value to your home in two ways.

First, they will make it a much more enjoyable place for you and everyone else who lives there, as well as for your neighbors and visitors.

And second, windows that are clean and restored will add financial value to your property, which is especially important when you’re ready to sell, or when you want to use your home’s value to borrow money through a home equity loan.

Read on to learn about simple, effective, and affordable ways to improve your windows and raise the value of your property.

Restore The Glass

Over time, windows can get scratched up. This can happen when branches of your mature trees rub against the glass, scratching it over time. Scratches can develop inside your windows as well, perhaps from your cat’s claws or from the kids running their toy cars over the glass (or from a dozen other possibilities, including the last time you moved furniture or remodeled your home and accidentally scratched the windows).

In addition to scratches, some windows in our area end up with unsightly acid-etched graffiti. This vandalism is both unattractive and potentially dangerous, especially if your home has been tagged by local gangs.

To get rid of acid-etched graffiti or scratches that appear due to a wide range of causes, glass restoration services are available. Total Window Service offers high-quality glass restoration services in Manhattan for both residential and commercial properties. We will send an experienced, highly trained technician to your property to evaluate and fix the damage that’s present.

Glass restoration involves carefully grinding the affected areas to remove any scratches that are present, and then polishing the glass back up to bring back its beauty and clarity. As you can imagine, it takes practice and skill to do this job well!

Other glass restoration efforts may involve using chemical processes or targeted cleaners to address discoloration, oxidation, or corrosion issues. Chances are that, no matter how opaque or stained your windows have become, our professional restorers can significantly improve their appearance.

Our glass restoration efforts have beautified countless windows here in New York City, and they can do the same for yours! Get in touch with Total Window Service today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Add Protective Window Film

Another great way homeowners can improve their windows and increase their property value is by adding protective window film. What does this do?

Window film can improve your home by:

  • Providing better UV protection for your family
  • Serving as an extra barrier that keeps your indoor climate-controlled warm or cool air from escaping (thus increasing your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money on utility bills)
  • Reducing glare
  • Offering a measure of protection against vandalism and break-ins
  • Increasing the level of privacy you and your family will enjoy

Window films come in different types, which can include privacy, solar, safety, decorative, and architectural, among others. To learn more about what window film installation can do for you, contact Total Window Service for a free estimate.

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Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Even if your windows are not damaged (they’re not discolored, scratched, or etched), they probably could benefit from professional window cleaning services.

When’s the last time all of your windows have been cleaned? It’s a big job, and most homeowners don’t have the time or the skills to do this task justice. Thankfully, you can hire window technicians who can thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of every window in your home and leave all your glass surfaces spotless.

Whether your home is on the street level in an old, historic part of our city, or you live in a townhome way up high in a sleek skyscraper, our technicians will get the job done right for clean windows your family will appreciate.

Contact Total Window Service For Beautiful Windows

For clean, clear, and beautiful windows that add value to your home here in New York City, get in touch with Total Window Service today. As our name implies, we offer a complete spectrum of services to get your windows looking the best they can be!

In addition, we can help through other valuable services, including skylight restoration, lighting fixture cleaning, window caulking, and much more. For all of your window washing and glass restoration needs, get in touch with Total Window Service today!