Windows in a multi-story window against a bright blue sky.

What’s the point of mirrored window film? You can find it in many businesses and even in a number of homes. But what makes it so appealing? Read on to find out.

For More Privacy At Home

Not every home is tucked away behind beautiful hedges or in a cluster of trees. Some of our NYC homes are very exposed, with window glass surfaces directly facing busy streets or high foot-traffic areas.

For these homes, privacy can be an issue, and one inexpensive and effective solution is to install mirrored film on all the windows that face busy spots. During daytime, everybody inside can see out just fine, but those who are outside of the house can’t see in. Instead, they see a reflection of themselves. This solution lets you keep your drapes, curtains, or blinds open during the day, giving you the freedom to see the outside world without compromising your privacy.

When Your Workplace Is Too Exposed

Look around our beautiful city. Everywhere you turn, there’s a business or a skyscraper with mirrored film. Businesses need privacy, and mirrored window film enables employees to work away without any concern about being watched or spied on from the outside.

What’s more, high-reflective window film installed directly on glass surfaces significantly reduces solar glare and heat gain, creating a more comfortable work environment for everyone at your business.

To Increase Curb Appeal

Last but not least, mirrored window film can increase your home’s or business’s curb appeal. As you drive through NYC, take a look around you. Do you notice how many of our buildings have mirrored windows? It creates a very attractive cityscape, doesn’t it? It’s sleek, contemporary, and shiny (at least from the outside; from the inside, it reduces glare and creates a comfortable, muted environment). Improving how your property looks offers a sense of pride while increasing your its perceived and actual value.

Learn More About Window Film

Ready to learn more about how glass film can increase your privacy and security as well as improve the aesthetics of your property? Turn to Total Window Service. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you about residential or commercial window film.

Mirrored windows are effective in many environments, but be sure to talk to us to learn what they can (and can’t) do for you. When you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll have a much better idea of how mirrored window film can help.

In addition to installing high-quality window film, Total Window Service can help you by providing efficient, affordable window cleaning services here in NYC. For all your window washing, glass restoration, and window film needs, reach out to Total Window Service today!