Window washing technicians cleaning skyscraper windows.

Not all cleaners are made the same. Some are meant to cut grease and clean big messes in the kitchen. Others attack the buildup that forms in your sink or tub in the bathroom. The fact of the matter is that some cleaners are just too harsh to use on your windows.

While we recommend that you opt to have your windows cleaned professionally through a window washing service here in NYC, we understand that there will be times when you need to spot clean a window (especially after a bird has flown by) or wash a window or two in between regular cleanings (especially if you have guests coming by).

When you decide to clean a window yourself, be sure to use the right cleaners. The wrong ones can leave your window smudged, cloudy, or worse. An especially harsh cleaner or a rough cloth can scratch the glass surface, which is something you definitely want to avoid!

Read on to learn which cleaners are wrong for your windows. Don’t use them!

Salt Solutions

While some people do create salt solutions to clean their windows and are able to use them effectively, there are two issues that you can run into. The first is that, if the salt crystals aren’t fully dissolved, they may leave small scratches on the glass or the window pane. The second issue is that, if the solution is not removed completely, you will be left with salt residue on your windows, forcing you to clean them yet again!

Most Tub And Shower Cleaners

Unless they specifically say that they work well on windows, avoid using harsh, even caustic tub and shower cleaners on your windows. That’s because these cleaners are designed to remove gunk and grime that accumulate over time. These cleaners work hard to get tiles, grout, tubs, and toilets squeaky clean, removing limescale, rust, and other hard-to-get-rid-of types of grime. They can scratch up your windows.

Some Kitchen Degreasers

Again, especially on antique or specialty glass, kitchen degreasers can be too harsh on windows. You want to avoid any type of cleaner that can scratch, smear, or etch the glass or leave it cloudy. You also want to avoid anything that could inadvertently strip the paint from window panes or anywhere around the window.

Furniture Polish

Do you use furniture polish to clean up your wood tables, chairs, cupboards, and other wooden elements in your home? This polish may bring a beautiful shine to your furniture, but it will only smear your windows! Don’t use furniture polish as a window cleaning solution; it doesn’t work.

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And Now, A List Of Some Of The Best Cleaners To Use

Now that we’ve covered what you should not use, let’s talk a little bit about the best products to use to spot clean your windows in between regularly scheduled window cleaning services here in NYC. Some of them are remarkably inexpensive and natural, resulting in a healthier environment for you and your family!

  • Vinegar: Whether it’s a diluted vinegar solution or a cleaner that’s based on this ingredient, it makes a powerful cleaning solution that’s great for window cleaning here in New York City and elsewhere.
  • Citrus Cleaners: Whether you use an all-purpose citrus-based cleaner, or you make your own solution based on lemon juice, you’ve got an effective window cleaner that won’t leave streaks behind and is gentle on glass.
  • Invisible Glass: When used correctly, this brand of window cleaner can work well for spot cleaning, so long as you work quickly.
  • Cinch Glass Cleaner: This product can work well on greasy windows.
  • Windex Glass Wipes: Especially handy when company is coming, these pre-moistened wipes work well for spot cleaning.

For Professional Window Washing Services In NYC, Call Total Window Service

It’s been our experience that you simply can’t beat the quality or efficiency of professional window cleaning services! Our company serves the greater New York City region through top-quality window cleaning services, but we’ll also take care of other needs for you.

If you have a chandelier that’s hard to access and is in desperate need of cleaning, call us. If you have a greenhouse that has dirty, cloudy window panes, contact us. If you’d like to tint any of your windows for privacy or to reduce glare, reach out to us. We’re here to help with all your window cleaning needs, and beyond! Schedule your appointment today.