Long-haired woman in blue throwing fall leaves into the air in the midst of large trees.

The vast majority of people here in New York City love fall, and we at Total Window Service are no exception!

In this blog, we’d like to let you know what it is about autumn that New Yorkers appreciate so much, and then we’ll explain why it’s a good time to get your window cleaning done.

Suddenly The Weather Is Significantly Cooler

After such warm weather and high-humidity days and nights in July and August, September brings welcome relief via significantly cooler temperatures. This makes both September and October, and well into November, great months for outdoor activities, everything from walking to cycling, and from catching up on yard work to window cleaning.

We at Total Window Service also appreciate this time of year because, even though we provide quality window washing services all year round, our skilled technicians do enjoy being outside when the weather is as perfect as it is on a New York City day in September and October! The cool, crisp air invigorates us, too.

Fall Foods Are Back!

There’s something very comforting about fall-time foods. Pumpkin and apple pies, apple cider, squash soup, gingered pears, pecan pies, and so many other recipes made from food harvested this time of year are back, and we’re super happy about it! Not to mention that the cooler weather makes this a perfect time to enjoy all the comfort foods of the season, including our favorite soups, stews, and casseroles. Yum!

Oh, Those Glorious Colors!

Another great reason New Yorkers love fall are all the glorious colors! Changing leaves transform our city into a golden masterpiece with red and orange highlights. Kids, grownups, and dogs alike enjoy piling leaves into a mountain and then jumping in. It never gets old!

Those colors make it especially gorgeous for our daredevil window washers who don’t think twice about heading way up to reach and clean the exterior windows of our city’s beautiful skyscrapers. The view from up there is even better in the fall when the trees take on their golden hue.

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Cooler Weather Means More Energy

Summers are notorious for being lazy. It’s because when it’s so hot, nobody really wants to do hard work; most New Yorkers would rather relax in an air-conditioned room or find a pool to swim in. But, come fall, everyone starts to feel more energetic, and we’re all ready to resume projects that have been postponed because of the summer heat.

As we stated earlier, our hardworking window washers will clean your windows any time of year. But we love cleaning windows during fall the best, because the weather is simply perfect.

Perfect Time For Day Trips And Longer Trips

Whether it’s a staycation, a day trip, or a longer vacation, fall provides the perfect time for meandering drives through nearby country settings as well as perfect afternoons for rediscovering Central Park and other New York City outdoor settings.

If you’re like us and you work hard all week, you probably have very little time for relaxation. Instead of spending all your free time trying to catch up on chores, outsource some of them.

You can contact Total Window Services for top-quality window cleaning services here in New York City, and you can even make the most of our other services to get your home clean and looking great (especially if you’re expecting company in the coming months). Other chores we can help you with include light fixture cleaning (including chandeliers) and greenhouse cleaning and restoration.

So go ahead, take that fall trip you’ve been wanting to take and let us handle the seasonal chores for you!

There’s A Lot Going On This Time Of Year

Every day, you’ll find something happening worth taking part in. From street festivals to farmers markets, and from harvest celebrations to costume parties and parades, New York City offers something for everyone. Check your newspaper or go online to learn about all the indoor and outdoor special events held in NYC in autumn.

Need Window Cleaning Services In New York City?

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