Green watering can in a greenhouse. Photo by www.zanda. photography on Unsplash.

Building a greenhouse is one of the most rewarding experiences that plant-lovers with a knack for construction can experience. But once the design is complete and the glazing has been chosen, maintenance and cleaning become the primary time-consumers of a greenhouse. 

When it comes to cleaning your greenhouse, window washing will be a big component of that. After all, the structure is mostly glass! In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on how to properly maintain and clean your greenhouse. For more information on window cleaning services and how to optimize solar efficiency for your greenhouse, please visit Total Window Service online today!

About Greenhouse Glazing

The greenhouse glazing you choose directly affects the amount of sunlight that passes into your structure, influencing internal temperature and creating ideal conditions for specific species of plants. The glazing on your greenhouse glass is essentially a treatment applied to the pane, which may be composed of acrylic, traditional glass, plastic film, fiberglass, or another material. 

Regardless of the exact glazing you choose, you’ll need to regularly clean your windows to ensure that you’re getting the desired amount of sunlight and regulating temperatures properly. 

How to Clean Glazing

It’s crucial that you clean both the inside and outside of your glazed windows. 

Many greenhouses feature skylights as well. Given their height and vertical shape, these structures can be a bit more difficult to clean, but they need to be maintained just like any other glass panes.

Obviously, the outside is exposed to the elements and so will naturally accrue dirt, dust, and debris. But consider that the humidity and condensation levels inside the greenhouse can also cause unwanted crud to build up, such as algae or moss. Failure to clean all areas of the greenhouse can result in pest or insect infestation, and that’s the last thing you want for your plants!

Cleaning the Outside of Your Greenhouse

When cleaning the outside of your greenhouse, you’ll need a few items:

  • Sponge
  • Warm or hot water
  • Ladder
  • Detergent (mild, natural)
  • Glass polisher
  • Scratch-free scrubbing tool

Start by using the sponge and hot water to wet the greenhouse windows and loosen up the dirt and mud. Allow the water to saturate the debris for about 10 minutes. Next, add a mild, natural detergent to your bucket of hot water and use your sponge to gently scrub the glass. If you find that you are unable to remove the dirt with the sponge alone, use a more durable scrubbing tool. Make sure it won’t scratch your glass, though. We recommend using a toothbrush (soft bristle!). 

Once you have removed the dirt and given the glass adequate time to dry, polish the glass panes by hand, one at a time. Use a gentle rag to do this and, if necessary, dry the panes once more with another dry cloth. 

Cleaning the Inside of Your Greenhouse

When cleaning the inside of your greenhouse, you’ll need the following items:

  • Warm or hot water
  • Detergent (mild, natural)
  • Disinfectant
  • Glass polisher

The process for cleaning inside a greenhouse is pretty similar to that of the outside, with the exception that you’ll need a disinfectant to kill the bacteria that thrives in humid, moist environments. If you have a skylight in your greenhouse, then you may also need a ladder.


Regular greenhouse cleaning is crucial for the wellbeing of your plants and the efficiency of sunlight exposure. To learn more about how to optimize your greenhouse and glazing cleaning, please give Total Window Service a call today!