Scratches can ruin the aesthetics of your window and prevent a clear image of your view outside. Luckily, Total Window Service in New York has the tools and the capability to remove scratches from an array of glass and window types. We use our Glass Renew System to make glass look good as new. This can save our clients up to 70 percent by repairing rather than replacing windows.

Our team can remove:

  • Glass scratches
  • Acid graffiti
  • Acid etching on glass
  • Glass corrosion
  • Oxidation

How we do it:

We employ a process with several different stages in order to effectively remove scratches. The glass is restored via a grinding process that removes the damage, and then we polish the glass to bring back its clear, original look.

What types of glass can be restored? 

We can remove scratches from clear, single-pane, or double-pane windows.

How can future glass damage be prevented?

Total Window Service offers anti-graffiti window film that can protect windows from vandalism, graffiti, and scratches. The film acts as an invisible shield, and it’s applied onto the exterior of glass window panes to prevent the window from degrading due to weather. Additionally, it’s a great investment because the cost of installation is about two to three times less expensive than the cost of scratch removal. Give us a call to learn more!