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In today’s day and age, everyone wants to DIY everything, from house painting to remodeling their home, including the demolition work. While admittedly there are some home improvement projects you could undertake yourself and save a lot of money (we would not recommend the house demolition unless you’re experienced!), there are some home improvement projects that are better left to the professionals. Is window cleaning a job for professionals?

Total Window Service is the best window cleaning company on Long Island. Our residential and commercial window cleaning services are far superior to the competition, leaving your windows squeaky clean, shining, and beautiful. Below, we’ll take a look at some questions to ask yourself before you decide to DIY your window cleaning. Request a window cleaning estimate in NYC online today!


Do You Have the Time?

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, whether you’re home with the kids or out slaying dragons to bring home a paycheck and provide for your family. That being said, to have your windows looking professional with no drips and streaks, it takes a lot of time and effort. Since you’re not a professional window cleaner who is an expert at cleaning windows, such as Total Window Service in NYC, then it will take you longer than it would a professional. As yourself how valuable is your time: do you want to spend it washing windows, or do you want to spend it growing your small business or enjoying your weekend with the family?

Can You Make Your Windows Look Good?

Here’s a test for you: when you go to clean your car’s windows after a long trip of all the bug guts splattered on your car, can you get your window clean and streak-free? If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider DIY window cleaning services. However, if your answer is, “Not even close!” then call Total Window Service in NYC today. It most definitely takes practice and skill to clean windows and make them look good. If you are unsure, it’s always best to call in the professionals to get the job done right. This is especially crucial if you are a business with a storefront in a prominent pedestrian area. The last thing you want is passerbys or window shoppers to come along and notice your DIY window job that was obviously less than stellar. This reflects poorly on your business and can be a complete turn off to some customers. Consequently, DIY your window cleaning could cost you more in the long run than you’d save by hiring a professional window cleaning company from lost in revenue.

Do You Have the Right Window Cleaning Supplies?

In order to clean windows properly, you’ll need a squeegee, a scrubber, a bucket, window cleaning detergent, and lent-free rags or towels. This is the bare minimum. You may need a ladder if you are cleaning more than one floor, as well as telescoping window washing tools for those hard-to-reach places. However, if you invest in the wrong type of window cleaning detergent, you can damage your windows. For example, stained-glass windows can be damaged by ammonia-based cleaners, as well as leaded windows. In addition, if you get the wrong squeegee, you could end up scratching your windows as well. Thus, if you don’t have the right tools and don’t want to invest in them and store them, then call Total Window Service in NYC for a free estimate today!

Do You Like Bugs?

Bugs love to live in windows. Spiders especially love windows. This is because it’s easy for them to squeeze through your screens, and windows provide a nice, sheltered place to set up camp and wait for other insects to squeeze through or get trapped from inside to eat. While this can be beneficial to you, other, more nasty insects love windows too, including hornets and wasps. These little pests will build their nests in your windows, making your windows dangerous to even open and close. And let’s not forget how trapped insects are dead insects, so, odds are, you may be harboring a lot of dead insect carcusses in your window sills, which you’ll have to clean out. Professional window cleaners are used to this sort of thing. They will remove your insects promptly. Call Total Window Service for residential and commercial window cleaning services today!


Total Window Service in NYC offers the best commercial and residential window cleaning services. Our mission is to clean, protect, and restore your windows so they will last for years to come. Our window cleaners have years of experience and training to make your windows perfect.

You can bet there won’t be any streaks or bugs left behind when you partner with us. In addition to the best window cleaning services we offer to homeowners and business owners alike, we also offer window insulation, anti-graffiti window film, glass restoration, pressure washing, window caulking, low e film, low-e, frosted film, glass scratch removal, graffiti removal, chandelier cleaning, and so much more.

We also offer disinfecting and sanitizing services to stop COVID-19 and other germs in their tracks. We use the latest technology, such as electrostatic disinfection, spraying disinfection, and the best chemicals to disinfect and sanitize your home or office. Our mission is to help keep you safe during these trying times. Call our window company to get started today!