3 Tips for Winter Window Cleaning total window service

Winter is right around the corner, which means you are probably in preparation mode for the holidays, from Halloween all the way through New Year’s. While most of us love this time of year where we can slow down and spend some good quality time with our families, it’s also a very busy time of year where it seems like our to-do list is never ending. One thing you want to do before the season hits full-swing is clean your windows.

Total Window Service serves Brooklyn with the best residential and commercial window cleaning services. We also offer window films, which offer many benefits, including protection from UV rays, offering privacy, and protecting you if your window breaks. Our top-notch window cleaning company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our mission is to give you the cleanest windows and the best protective window films in the business with amazing customer service. We also offer disinfection and sanitation services for Brooklyn-area homeowners and businesses. Below, we’ll offer up tips for cleaning your windows in the winter. Contact our team for professional window washing services today!


Proper Attire

A major obstacle to cleaning your windows in winter is the cold. You’ll want to protect yourself by dressing properly for the weather. Wear a winter hat, coat, and gloves, as well as layers if it’s especially chilly out. You may want to invest in a pair of waterproof gloves to further protect your hands from the window-cleaning solution. Wear boots as well, especially if you are using a ladder for windows up high so you don’t slip. Pro tip: tuck your coat sleeves into your gloves so they don’t get wet.

Use a Winter Window Cleaning Solution

Next, you’ll want to be sure you use a window cleaning solution that won’t freeze before you can clean your windows. We recommend either using an alcohol-based window cleaner, or add in vinegar to your window cleaning solution. This will help to break up dirt and prevent water spots. Resist the urge to use antifreeze as that can be harmful to the environment. Another great window cleaning solution for the winter is to use alcohol and salt. The alcohol won’t freeze, and the salt helps to effectively remove dirt and grime from your home or office’s windows.

Work Fast!

Obviously, the longer you are outside, the colder you will be, and the more likely your window cleaning solution will produce frost on your windows. You’ll still want to keep safety in mind, and you want your efforts to be worthwhile with a clean window and not one with missed spots. You’ll also want to change out your towels if they start to freeze. Clean towels also help to limit streaking, which can mar your windows and view as well. Use the motivation of a nice, warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate inside your Brooklyn home or office to speed things along!


Windows serve such an important function in our homes. They let in the light for us to see by. They let us see the outside world, such as the birds, the people walking by, the trees, and the flowers. We can watch the sun set and the stars rise, and we can wave to the man in the moon without ever leaving our home. However, when your windows are dirty, the view is marred, making the sunset not so beautiful and the stars not so bright. Keeping them clean so you can enjoy the outside world is important, indeed.

Total Window Service serves Brooklyn with the best residential and commercial window cleaning services. We offer our window washing all year long, no matter the weather. Windows can accumulate dust and grime easily in the winter because snow can sit on our window sills for longer, so it’s important to invest in regular window cleaning. We can also install window low E films and other window films all year long. Thus, if you don’t want to clean your windows yourself, our professional window cleaning based in Brooklyn can help. We offer touchless free estimates conveniently from our website online, and you can book as well. Visit us online, or call our window company to get started today!