Where Do These Myths Come From?

When someone says something enough times, people start to believe it, even if there’s no evidence to back up the false claim. As New York City’s premier window cleaning company, we’ve certainly heard all of these myths before. Our professional window washers, however, know the truth. We’d like to clear up the following myths for you.

Myth #1: All Window Cleaning Solutions Are The Same

They are not. Some window cleaning solutions do little to attack grime that’s built up over time. Others can leave a filmy residue, requiring you or your window cleaning services provider to have to do the job again. Any company that cleans your windows using the wrong cleaning solution is just wasting your time and money. Total Window Service knows that getting windows deep cleaned and spotless requires the right experience, the right techniques, and the right cleaning solutions.

Myth #2: Spot-cleaning Windows Is Good Enough

You may need to do some spot-cleaning from time to time to get rid of dirt caused by splatters, bugs, or flying birds, but spot-cleaning alone is definitely not enough. Windows accumulate layers of particles over time in the form of air pollution, dust, smoke, soot, pollen, ash, and more. If you simply spot clean, you’ll actually be highlighting how dirty the rest of the window is! For beautiful windows that people can enjoy from the inside and outside of your building, you need to do a thorough cleaning job on a regular schedule to remove the layers of dirt that build up, especially in a city as large and active as New York.

Myth #3: You Can’t Clean Windows On A Hot, Sunny Day

We do — all the time! Our dependable window washers are out there doing their jobs in all kinds of weather. It is true that windows dry much quicker on bright, sunny days, as water evaporates faster. But once again, proper window cleaning involves the right experience and using effective techniques. We have trained our window washers to adapt to all types of environmental conditions so they can work quickly and efficiently to get the job done beautifully, whether it’s cloudy or sunny outside.

Myth #4: It’s Impossible To Reach Some Of My Windows

We get it; there are windows that are impossible to reach with standard equipment. But with the right equipment and a little ingenuity, no window is impossible to reach. Look at our city’s spectacular skyline. Total Window Service has window washers up there every week cleaning windows that are 20, 50, or 100 stories up. Our employees regularly wash skylights, windows, chandeliers, and light fixtures located in remote, hard-to-reach locations. While it may not be possible for the average individual to reach New York City windows, our professional window washers certainly can.

Myth #5: I Can’t Afford Window Cleaning Services

Many of our customers have discovered that they can’t afford NOT to have professional window cleaning services! It is very time-consuming to thoroughly clean a commercial or residential building’s windows. Once you’ve done all of the outside surfaces, you have to go back and do the job again, this time from the inside. And then you have to go back out and take care of the streaks you’ve created, or get the sections you’ve missed. Many homeowners and business owners find the task frustrating and overly time-consuming. Professional window cleaning services handle the job for you expertly, much quicker than you can, leaving windows streak-free and spotless. Save time and money by hiring the professionals to do the job right at a fraction of the time it would take you to complete.

Myth #6: There’s No Point In Cleaning Windows If It’s Just Going To Rain

When a window is dirty, raindrops smear the dirt around, making it look worse. But when a window’s been expertly cleaned, rain won’t have much impact. Clean rainwater simply runs down a clean window’s surface without leaving a mess.

Myth #7: Nobody Pays Attention To Windows Anyway

Actually, they do! Your employees like looking out your windows, and when they are coated with grime, the experience is less than ideal. At home, your family and friends will notice if your windows are drab and dirty, and this can negatively impact everyone’s mood. At work, your potential clients or customers may be turned off by dirty windows, which means you can lose some of your business to competitors simply because you’re not delivering on your image. Clean windows are more important to your business than you may realize.

We Take Window Cleaning Very Seriously!

At Total Window Service, your clean windows are our business. We know how to clean windows to make them shine, and we do so at affordable prices our customers appreciate. You don’t have to keep looking out of drab, depressing windows. Let us do a thorough window cleaning job for you, and you’ll see what a difference it makes! Make your appointment today.