Using The Wrong Cleaners:

You can’t simply spray a cleaning solution on your windows and hope for the best. The wrong solution fails to cut through the grime that’s built up on your windows. It can leave a dirty film, or it can even create spots that are hard to remove.

The right window cleaning solution cuts through the different types of dirt that have accumulated on the inside and outside of your windows, including ash, oil particles, and vehicle emissions, without adding sticky or cloudy films to the glass surface.

Using The Wrong Tools:

Some people try to use newspapers to clean their windows. This may have worked for previous generations, but it’s not the best approach today. In addition to getting your hands all dirty, the ink can leave black or colorful smudges on window frames, and the chemicals in the ink can actually harm the glass.

Many people also use sponges that just don’t do the job right. They’re either too abrasive, scratching the glass, or they’re too soft, requiring a great deal of extra time and effort scrubbing away at stubborn stains and layers of dirt.

Always avoid abrasive materials. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth, or a squeegee that’s in great condition. You can even use a combination of the two effectively.

Using The Wrong Techniques:

A swirling motion is fine when you’re doing spot cleaning, but you’ll want to follow that up with long, steady strokes, going from top to bottom. Side-to-side movements can work fine for experienced window washers who move quickly and avoid drips, but for most people, side strokes lead to too many drips, too much streaking, and too much to re-clean. Top to bottom is recommended.

With Regards To The Weather

If you’re going to wash windows yourself, you’re better off doing so on a cloudy day when the water won’t evaporate so quickly. Of course, if you hire our window washers to clean your window surfaces, the weather won’t have much of an effect. Our window washing specialists are trained to work in a wide range of environmental conditions, including bright sun, light mist, and wind. They have the techniques and tools to do a thorough cleaning job without leaving streaks, spots, or films. And they’ll complete the job quickly, saving you a great deal of time.

Hire Professional Window Washers

Our affordable window washing service saves you from having to spend your valuable time cleaning windows; it also saves you from making common window washing mistakes. Because we do this day in and day out, all across New York City, we can wash your windows quickly and affordably.

When you look up at one of the many skyscrapers in our city, there’s a good chance we’ve cleaned it, because our window washers regularly clean the windows of many of our beautiful tall buildings. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, Total Window Service will expertly clean even your dirtiest and hardest to reach windows. No challenge is too difficult for us!

We also offer window restoration services for glass surfaces that have been scratched, etched, or stained. Total Window Service has all the solutions you want for beautiful, clean windows. Call us today!