An indoor view of windows and arches in an intricate wooden building.

Want a quick and easy way to boost your spirits? Clean your windows! Better yet, hire professional window washers to clean them for you! You’ll feel a whole lot better without being completely drained after having to work so hard.

Read on to see how your mood and attitude can benefit from having clean windows in your home.

Seeing Outside Can Enhance Your Imagination

When you look through a clear, clean window at what’s beyond your building, your imagination can take off! A clean window offers a picture into another world. Seeing something beyond the four walls you’re presently inhabiting stimulates your mind, enhancing your imagination and boosting your creativity. Dirty windows taint the picture; instead of focusing on the scene outside, your brain wants to focus on the dirt and smudges on the glass. A clean window, however, offers a crystal-clear portal to the outside scene, which can enhance your state of awareness and provide a source of inspiration.

Looking At The Outside World Reminds You That You’re Not Alone

If ever you’re feeling alone and unloved, remember that you’re an important part of a big community out there. Looking through clear windows at the scenes going by, whether it’s pedestrians, cars, trains, airplanes, or other buildings, reminds you that in no way are you alone in this great big world. When you look out the clear glass of your clean windows at that airplane, for example, you are, even if for a moment, connected to the passengers on the plane, and that moment can change your perspective forever, reminding you that you are a very important member of the greater community in our world.

Making these connections also stimulates your imagination. Who is on that plane, you may wonder? Where are they going? Perhaps someone on the plane is traveling to one of your absolute favorite destinations. Thinking about this may trigger beautiful memories of travels you’ve taken to faraway places. You might remember happy memories shared with friends on the trip of a lifetime. As you can see, looking out your clean windows at the world going by can trigger amazingly uplifting thoughts and memories, bringing you a sense of wellbeing and reminding you that you are never alone. Never forget … you matter!

Being Able To Enjoy Nature Outside Your Window Is Relaxing

There is no denying the immensely therapeutic quality of nature. Stare at a towering tree long enough, and you’ll feel renewed. Whether it’s the lush green leaves moving rhythmically in a summer breeze, the spring flowers exploding in brilliant colors, the stillness of a bare tree in a winter snowstorm, or the magical, warm colors of autumn leaves, looking at a statuesque tree through your clean windows can be very healing.

Nature brings us so much to see: birds in flight, bunnies hopping by, squirrels scampering across the yard, colorful butterflies fluttering by. What a magical world nature presents to us! Don’t miss it because of filthy windows. Get them professionally cleaned so you can clearly enjoy the daily wonders that nature offers.

You Can Relax By Watching Beautiful Clouds Pass By

Ah, the clouds! They can be so beautiful. Whether you catch them at sunrise or sunset in all their glorious colors, or you observe puffy white clouds drift by slowly like ships out at sea, cloud-watching can be one of the most relaxing, restorative pastimes in existence. And it’s absolutely free to sit comfortably and look at clouds out your window! Just make sure to have clean windows so you can enjoy cloud-gazing to the max.

Windows Offer You A Glimpse Of The Weather Outside

Another way to feel connected to the world around you is to engage with the weather, even if from the comfort of your living room! Relaxing in your favorite easy chair with a cup of hot tea or a glass of refreshing iced tea while you check the weather outside can be supremely comforting and soul-soothing. Whether it’s sunny or snowy, misty or bright, you can enjoy checking out the weather from inside your house, so long as your windows are clean enough for you to observe the climate outside.

At Night, You Can See Celestial Objects

Nighttime viewing through clean windows is a true delight! When’s the last time you turned off all the lights in your house and sat by a window to stare at the night sky? The stars, the moon, faroff lightning bursts — all these nighttime sights can fill us with wonder. If you’re lucky, you might even see a comet or a shooting star go by!

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Clean Just Feels Better Than Dirty!

Have you ever noticed this? Clean just feels better. When your home is dirty, you can feel your stress levels rise. When you’re surrounded by clutter, when the dishes are piling up in the sink, when the trash needs to be taken out … all of these “dirty” scenarios can make us feel anxious. In contrast, having a clean sink, a clean home, and clean windows can bring us an inner sense of peace. Get your windows cleaned, just because “clean” feels so much better for your soul!

For Window Cleaning Services In New York City

Which brings us to what our company can do for you. Total Window Service offers top-quality cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout the greater New York City area. We will be happy to come to your home or business and get your windows sparkling clean!

In addition to providing reliable, affordable window cleaning services, we can clean your chandeliers and light fixtures, restore scratched windows, install safety window film, and so much more.

In fact, here’s a partial list of all the different window-related (and other) services our company offers:

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning
  • Cleaning and restoration of skylights and greenhouses
  • Window film installation, including solar, low E, and privacy film
  • Full glass restoration services, including acid-etched graffiti removal
  • Power and pressure washing of walls, sidewalks, and more
  • Window caulking (great for improved energy efficiency)
  • Cleaning all the light fixtures in your home

Our goal is to keep our customers happy! For top-quality window cleaning and restoration services in and around New York City, contact Total Window Service today.