Mother and daughter cooking a plant-based meal together.

You want clean windows in your home so you can enjoy a healthy environment and a clear view to the outside world. Clean windows can do so much for you and your family, from creating a beautiful indoor environment for each of you to enjoy, to letting in the daylight you need to go about your daily indoor activities.

And yet, it’s such a big job to get all of your windows cleaned properly, inside and outside. Why not let a window cleaning services provider handle this big job for you?

With all the time you’ll be saving, and the energy you’ll be conserving when you let trained technicians wash windows for you, here are 12 things you could be enjoying instead!

After-work or After-school Relaxation Time

You work hard all day, whether you have a full-time job outside of the home, you’re self-employed, you’re a full-time caregiver for children or dependent adults, you’re a student, or you work one or more part-time jobs. After such a full, busy day, the last thing you want is to have to take care of a huge chore like window washing.

What you really need in order to function your best is some rest and relaxation! When you hire a professional window service company like Total Window Service in New York City to take care of the big (but important) job of washing all of your windows, you will have that time that you desperately need after work or after school to simply relax, unwind, and rest.

More Time With Family

If you spend hours washing windows, you’re probably missing out on important family time! What’s the rest of your family doing while you’re cleaning your windows? What fun family activities and conversations are you missing out on? These moments can’t be replaced. Instead of allocating a huge chunk of time to washing your windows, let the professionals take care of this job for you while you enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Cook A Special Meal

With your busy schedule, it’s probably a challenge to take the time to cook a fabulous, nutritious meal for yourself and your family. It’s easier to just have food delivered or to pick it up on your way home. But what if you could take the time to create an incredible meal and treat yourself and your loved ones to it? By hiring help to take care of chores like window washing and other big household tasks, you can free yourself up to prepare a meal to remember.

Enjoy A Walk

A healthy way to relax is to take a walk, preferably in a beautiful, natural setting. Being immersed in nature, surrounded by trees, plants, flowers, and water features, is supremely healing to the mind, body, and soul! Take the time to enjoy a walk outdoors instead of being inside cleaning your windows.

Spend The Afternoon At A Park

This is related to our previous suggestion, but there’s much more you can do at a park than simply walking. You can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy having a meal al fresco. You can toss around a ball or disc with a buddy. Or you can simply sit in the shade (or the sun, assuming you’re well-protected with sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen) and spend some much-needed daydreaming time.

Watch A Movie

Whether you watch one of your favorite DVD’s or you head over to your local movie theater to catch a new release, a film is a great distraction! A good movie can help you feel good, get in touch with your emotions, and simply get away from real life for a while. Refresh and rejuvenate your mind and spirit by watching a good movie while professional window cleaners take care of your windows.

Go Shopping

Do you need to get groceries for the family? Do you have to pick up something for your house or yard? Does your wardrobe need a few new clothing items? It’s hard to find the time to go shopping. If you let window washers take care of cleaning your windows, you can fit in an afternoon of shopping for yourself!

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Fly A Kite!

When was the last time you did something as frivolous, freeing, relaxing, soul-nourishing, and childlike as flying a kite? This is a fun and often overlooked pastime. Get yourself a kite and take the kids out for a fun afternoon of kite-flying. No kids? No problem! Grab a buddy, or simply go solo. Whether with companions or by yourself, flying a kite is a rewarding way to unwind.

Enjoy A Bubble Bath

Having someone else take care of necessary household chores like window washing can free you up to take luxurious, long bubble baths! What a great way to enjoy some tranquility at the end of a long and busy week.

Catch Up On Other Household Chores

You’ve probably got a long list of household chores that need to be taken care of. Don’t feel like you have to do everything by yourself! When you hire experienced window washers to professionally get every window in your home sparkling clean, you have the freedom to take care of other equally important (and perhaps neglected) household chores.

Call A Friend!

When’s the last time you had a long, restorative phone conversation with a good friend? It’s hard to fit in a lengthy phone call in our busy lives, but if you can get someone else to do your windows for you, then you can definitely spare some time to give an old friend a call!

Visit A Friend Or Family Member

Even better, hop on a bus or take the subway to actually visit someone you know and care about! These days, visiting someone in person feels like the ultimate luxury, but it shouldn’t be. Visiting a friend or family member should be as natural as going grocery shopping. By letting professional window washers take care of the big job of maintaining your windows clean and clear, you can take the time to spend an afternoon or evening with a dear friend or family member you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.

Professional Window Cleaning In New York City

Now that we’ve given you several great ideas for relaxing, unwinding, and recharging, maybe it’s time for you to schedule a window cleaning appointment here in New York City. You don’t have to put up with dirty windows when affordable, reliable window cleaning services are available through our company, Total Window Service. We’re here for you! Give us a call to set up an appointment today.