When people’s windows get scratched up by vandals or by accident, or the glass accumulates a thick coating of pollutants over the years that discolors the pane and takes away its clarity, they think it’s time to get new windows. Replacement is often the first solution that comes to mind, but it’s not necessarily the best one, and it’s certainly not the only one.

Many people here in New York City and throughout the nation are surprised to learn that glass restoration is a viable and more economical option to costly window replacement. Learn more about this effective method of restoring damaged windows without having to spend as much as you’d be spending on purchasing and installing brand new windows.

What Is Glass Restoration?

It is a process of carefully repairing damaged glass without having to replace the entire window. Glass restoration services can take care of a wide range of glass damage. The work can be done affordably and completed faster than the time it takes to replace a window.

Glass restoration services in Manhattan and the communities surrounding New York City address scratches, etched damage, and oxidation, among other issues. Through buffing and other techniques, a window specialist can restore damaged windows and get them looking great once more! The techniques can be applied for both residential and commercial customers, with excellent results achievable in the majority of cases.

What Types Of Damage Can Be Fixed?

We’ve briefly touched upon what types of damage window restoration can undo. Here’s a closer look at the range of glass damage that can be repaired through professional restorative efforts:

  • Oxidation Stains: With all the activity we see here in New York City, it’s not surprising that window glass can oxidize fairly quickly. Smog, acid rain, metal oxidation, glazing breakdown, and UV rays all work to deteriorate glass surfaces.
  • Scratched Glass: Windows can be scratched by accident or by vandalism, leaving them unsightly and taking away from the beauty of your entire property, whether it’s your home or your business.
  • Acid-etched Graffiti: For some gang members and graffiti artists alike, acid is the tool of choice for etching (and damaging) glass surfaces.

The good news is that all of these very different types of window damage can be repaired through professional glass restoration efforts.

The Basic Window Restoration Process

What a window restoration technician actually does to repair the glass depends on the type of disturbance your window has been subjected to. Corrosive damage may require a slightly different approach than scratches do, but generally, a degree of buffing is involved to remove the surface damage.

Buffing removes damaging deposits that have formed on the glass over time. It also smooths out the scratches that the glass has accumulated. In addition, buffing services can effectively remove acid-etched graffiti from windows and other glass surfaces.

After the damaged areas have been buffed, both the shine and the clarity of the glass are restored through polishing using a glass-friendly formula. Once this is done, the whole window is thoroughly cleaned. Any signs of etched damage, oxidations, or scratches are gone!

What To Do When You Need Window Glass Repairs Done

You may think it’s time for new windows, but think again. Window restoration may be the better, more affordable, and less time-consuming solution! Whether it’s a historic building in the heart of New York City, or a newer commercial or residential building in any of the surrounding communities, window glass repair should be the first solution you consider.

There’s always time to replace your windows. Try the more affordable option first!

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When you need top-quality window scratch removal and full glass restoration services done in a professional manner at an affordable price, turn to the specialists at Total Window Service in New York City! Get in touch with us today to schedule your glass restoration appointment.