New York City is no stranger to graffiti. Clean-up efforts seem to take place on an almost daily basis. While some graffiti may be cool and even acceptable (after all, some graffiti artists are quite talented), much of it is a nuisance and even a danger, especially if your property is being marked by gang members.

Most of the time, business owners and homeowners want any signs of graffiti removed, as quickly as possible.

Windows are not immune to being targeted by graffiti vandals. Paint is sometimes the weapon of choice; this is usually easy enough to wash off. If you’re not able to completely remove the paint yourself, simply call a reputable window washing company, such as Total Window Service. We will send our professional window washing technicians over to remove any signs of graffiti that have been painted on your windows, whether it’s your business or your home.

Other times, glass is etched, carved, or scratched. This poses a different kind of challenge. Thankfully, companies like ours can take care of these problems as well, removing the signs of graffiti and restoring your windows to their original beauty.

Let’s go over these points in greater depth and also discuss how you can protect your windows against graffiti vandalism.

Window Graffiti Removal

If you currently have graffiti damage on your windows, the first thing you want to do is get rid of it. Keeping it there, unfortunately, is a sign of vulnerability, and in the streets of New York City, you want to show that you’re just as tough as anyone else!

Removing graffiti from your windows may involve one or more of the following techniques:

  • Completely cleaning off the paint that has been placed on your windows. This includes whatever is on the glass as well as paint that was painted or sprayed on window frames, ledges, and the surrounding walls. Techniques to remove all of the paint may include deep cleaning, carefully using a razor edge to remove paint without scratching the glass, power washing, and re-painting the frame, ledge, and/or wall.
  • Using tried and true methods of removing acid-etched graffiti from glass surfaces. At Total Window Service, our window restoration technicians have developed a number of methods to successfully remove graffiti marks that have been etched in, and then repair and restore the glass to a beautiful, smooth shine!
  • Fully removing graffiti scratches from glass is a multi-step process. Typically, getting rid of scratches involves a combination of grinding small sections of the glass to remove the damage, and then polishing it to restore its clear, original look.

Graffiti Protection

We’ve talked about ways to remove graffiti, but can you protect your windows from being targeted in the first place?

There is something you can do, and it involves adding anti-graffiti window film. This specialized type of film protects glass surfaces from many different types of graffiti, including scratching, gouging, and acid etching. It provides a protective barrier that businesses and homes alike can use.

If you’d like to learn more about adding graffiti protection to your commercial or residential property using window film, get in touch with Total Window Service in New York City today!