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What’s glass restoration all about?

Can old windows really get restored, or is it better to replace them?

Is it possible for scratched windows to look good again?

These are questions we at Total Window Service often address with our clients. We understand the confusion that residents of New York City may have regarding what, exactly, window restoration is and how it can help your home (or your business) look better.

Read this blog to learn what we’d like you to know about glass restoration services. If you have any questions after reading today’s blog, please don’t hesitate to contact Total Window Service in New York City to learn more.

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But let’s get back to the subject at hand: glass restoration. Read on to learn more about these important services in New York City.

Glass Restoration Services Can Work On Even Old Windows

Do you live in a historic building or simply in a very old house? Are your windows dark and dirty no matter how often you wash them? It could be that dirt and pollution have adhered to the outer glass surfaces of your windows, creating a drab appearance and an uninviting ambiance.

The good news is that even these ancient windows can almost always benefit from glass restoration services. Just make sure you hire the right people to do the job correctly. These older windows are more delicate, and it takes a steady hand to buff out the scratches and then smooth out the surface to an even, translucent appearance without harming the glass.

If your windows are coated in thick layers of ancient dirt and are discolored, opaque, and unsightly, window glass repair may be the answer. Before replacing any of your windows, give us a call to find out what can be done.

These Services Can Remove Multiple Scratches

Whatever the age of your windows, the glass may be scratched due to a wide range of reasons. It could be that a remodeling job resulted in the inside window surfaces to experience a higher degree of wear and tear.

It’s also possible that construction projects outside of your home have resulted in nicks and scratches on your window exteriors. Perhaps vandals have damaged your windows, or there are marks that have showed up mysteriously without you being aware of how they got on the glass.

Regardless of the source of the scratches on your windows, know that a good glass restoration company can significantly improve the look of your windows. Multiple scratches can be removed, and your windows can become beautifully translucent once again.

Acid-Etched Graffiti Can Be Smoothed Away

What about graffiti? Vandals sometimes use acid to etch gang symbols and other markings directly onto glass. This tends to be more common on glass storefronts, which are expensive to replace.

Most of the time, acid-etched graffiti is only a shallow layer deep and can be smoothed away using similar techniques that are applied to remove ordinary scratches from glass. We hope you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to live with vandalism! If your home or your business is attacked, chances are good that our specialists at Total Window Service can smooth out the damage and restore the glass to its original beauty.

Windows With Oxidation And Corrosion Can Also Be Restored

When glass comes into direct contact with metal that is repeatedly exposed to humid conditions (such as New York City summer rains and winter snows), it can become hazy or develop a smoky appearance. If you notice what looks like an overall etched aspect to your windows, particularly near metal frames or panes, oxidation may have set in.

While regular window cleaning solutions won’t remove this layer of oxidation from the glass, we at Total Window Service have the right products and techniques to get rid of any oxidation that has set in.

It’s A Lot Cheaper To Restore Windows Than To Buy New Ones

Have you priced windows recently? They’re not cheap! If you have to replace several of your windows, you’ll be paying quite a bit of money. Before going that route, consider glass restoration efforts. In our experience, we’ve noticed savings of up to 70% with our window glass repair services compared to window replacement. With such deep savings, it makes sense to try glass restoration first.

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