If you aren’t currently using solar window film in your home in New York City, then you’re missing out on some serious benefits.

Solar window film is exactly what it sounds like — film that helps to prevent solar energy from getting into your home through your windows. And, while window film may not seem like much of a game changer, it’s actually beneficial in more ways than you may think. Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing solar window film on your windows:

#1. Keep your home more comfortable.

If you find yourself having to crank up the AC to keep your home cool enough during those hot, New York City summers, or cranking your heat up during the infamously cold winters, you’re going to love solar window film. One of the biggest advantages of solar window film is that it helps to reduce both heat gain and heat loss in your home. In the summer, solar window film will help to keep your home cooler, and in the winter, it will help to keep your home warmer.

#2. Save more on your energy bills.

Just as solar window film helps to keep your home more comfortable by reducing heat gain and heat loss, it also helps to lower your energy bills. Why? Because when your home is more comfortable already, you won’t have to rely on your HVAC system as much. In addition to helping you save on your monthly energy bills, solar window film could also help you avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs or maintenance, because it takes some of the pressure off of your system. Best of all, solar window film could even help you to get a few more years out of your HVAC system, which could add up to huge savings.

#3. Protect your home against the damage caused by UV exposure.

Did you know that UV exposure can do some serious damage to many things in your home, including the flooring, the paint on your walls, the artwork, the photographs and even the furniture? Too much sun exposure can cause all of these things to become dull or faded. One common way people address this issue is to keep the curtains closed, but solar window film is a better alternative. This is because solar window film allows you to enjoy more natural light while also protecting your possessions from harmful UV rays. Because solar film will help to protect your belongings from UV damage, it can also help you to extend the life of your belongings.

#4. Enjoy more natural light without the glare.

Natural light is the king of all light. It’s beautiful, healthy and wholesome, and artificial light simply can’t hold a candle to it. But, the major downside of letting natural sunlight into your home definitely has to be the glare. Whether you’re watching a movie, working on your laptop or playing a video game, nothing can ruin the experience quite like stubborn glare can. When you have solar film, you can eliminate the glare without having to shut out the natural light in your home.

#5. Increase your privacy.

When it comes to solar window film, there are a few different options to choose from. While most solar film will be reflective to a degree, some options are more clear than others. If you’re looking for a little added privacy in your home, installing a more reflective solar window film on your windows will help you to enjoy the added privacy you crave without having to block your view of the amazing city around you. And, let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little more privacy in New York City?

#6. Upgrade your windows without having to break the bank.

One of the best things about solar film is that it provides you with a cost-effective way to experience the benefits of like-new windows without having to invest the thousands of dollars that it costs to get your windows replaced. With the right solar film, you can make old, outdated windows just as energy efficient as new, triple-paned windows.

#7. Improve the safety of your home.

When a window in your home gets broken, the glass is more than likely going to shatter, leaving you with tiny shards on the floor. Glass can be difficult to clean up all the way, and a barefoot could easily be injured if you accidentally miss some glass when you’re cleaning up your home. Solar window film won’t prevent your windows from breaking, but they can help to prevent your windows from shattering, which will make any glass much easier to find and clean up.

With solar window film, you can enjoy all of these benefits and more at a price you can afford. If you install solar window film on the windows in your New York City home, contact us at Total Window Service today.