Every day, brave window washers are hoisted high up in the sky to do their job, providing window cleaning services on New York City’s gorgeous skyline. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s done, read on to learn what it takes to do window washing on tall skyscrapers.

When Windows Make Up the Building Facade

In a standard low-height building, the windows open, and accessing them is fairly straightforward. A window washer may need a ladder to reach skylights or second- or third-story windows, but for the most part, every window is reasonably accessible from the inside or the outside. Of course, it’s a completely different story with today’s sleek skyscrapers that are fifty, seventy, or over a hundred stories high. In these buildings, the windows don’t open, so they can’t be reached from the inside. They’re part of the building façade, and they require specialized engineering techniques, a steady hand, and the ability to handle heights in order to get cleaned.

Window Washing Equipment for Skyscrapers

Window washing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Facade-access equipment had to be developed so that window washers could safely reach any type of window in the wide variety of buildings we have available here in New York City, from the historic ones to the ultra-modern architectural designs. Window washing equipment for high-rise buildings includes a specialized mechanism for lowering a platform that window washers stand on while working. This platform is hoisted down and held in place by some type of descent mechanism, generally a boom, carriages, or portable davit masts. These mechanisms are secured on the roof, and the window washers are lowered by suspended scaffold.

Rope Access and Aerial Lifts

Not every building offers a descent mechanism for a suspended scaffold. In these cases, Total Window Service provides other options. There’s the rope access method, similar to mountain climbing. Skilled window washers rappel down the side of a building, cleaning as they descend. Ropes, stays, and carabiners are utilized in this approach, with a work line used for moving around and a safety line in place as added protection against falls. All of our skyscraper-cleaning window washers are certified by world and U.S. rope access associations, since both skill and safety are of utmost importance in this job. Another option is to make use of aerial lifts, where certified driver-operators move a truck-mounted platform in place so that window cleaners can access any hard-to-reach places.

Safety Gear

As the safety of our window washers is of extreme importance, we make sure they utilize effective safety gear for on-the-job protection. From safety helmets to harnesses and more, our window washers utilize protective gear that they’ve been trained to use correctly. Our fearless window washing daredevils tackle heights while being exposed to wind and other weather elements. Their safety must always come first.

The Right Mindset

As you can imagine, cleaning skyscrapers is not for the faint of heart. In addition to specialized training, it takes mental fortitude and nerves of steel to be able to do this job. We hire some of the best, most talented window washers in the area, and we provide training to ensure our workers do an outstanding job while staying safe.

The next time you see somebody hard at work cleaning New York City’s famous skyscrapers, take a moment to consider the equipment, training, and skills set that make it a reality. A great deal of training and precautions go into keeping our skyline sparkling clean. If you need an expert team to provide window cleaning services for your building, get in touch with us. We have the skills you need at affordable prices. Contact Total Window Service today for a free estimate.