What do you like best about living in NYC? We can think of at least a couple dozen things without even trying! The international food, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the view from atop the Empire State Building, seeing Lady Liberty while riding on a ferry, our famous Broadway shows, and Times Square are just some of the reasons New York City is such a great place for visitors, residents, and businesses alike. The “City That Never Sleeps” and the “Center Of The Universe” are apt names for a place as happening and unique as NYC.

As you might imagine, our incredible city poses a few challenges when it comes to window cleaning. Read on to learn what specific challenges window washing in NYC brings.

Reaching High Windows

The first and most obvious challenge is how to reach the windows of our tall skyscrapers. This is not an easy task! Especially when accessing them from the outside, it takes a certain fortitude to be able to dangle from such heights and do the job of getting NYC’s skyline squeaky clean. You’d have to have the skills and inner strength of a mountain climber!

Reaching skyscraper windows is a challenge that our window washing team here at Total Window Service in NYC has figured out how to conquer. We have the equipment to reach great heights, and our window washers have the stamina and fearlessness to keep New York City’s windows beautifully clean even seventy or eighty stories (or more) above street level!

Dealing With The Weather

When cleaning the exterior of windows, a big challenge is the weather. An even bigger challenge is the weather combined with heights! When you’re fifty stories up and it’s raining or snowing, or the sun is beating down hard on you, washing windows is not an easy task, but our adept NYC window washers at Total Window Service are up to the task. And we’re exceptionally proud of them for being able to do something that not everyone can!

Seasonal Changes

We are a four-season state, and the climate in the middle of the afternoon in August is completely different from what you might experience at 3 p.m. on a mid-December weekday. Our window washers have to adapt to these seasonal changes, being able to clean windows whether it’s sweltering or frigid.


Our NYC windows sure go through a lot. Whether it’s the industrial pollution from nearby factories or the smog from our very own city streets, our window washers have to deal with thick layers of caked on dirt and grime that our very productive, busy area creates.

When doing window cleaning here in NYC, we have to use cleaners that are strong enough to completely wash windows but gentle enough to avoid damaging them; we also learn and use the right techniques for efficient window washing sessions, since we’ve got a busy schedule to maintain!

Historic Buildings

Last but not least, our final challenge is washing windows of historic buildings. The hurdle here is two-fold; first, we need to maintain the historic integrity of the sometimes aging, fragile windows, and just as important, we need to leave them clean! It takes special window cleaning skills to accomplish this here in NYC.

When You Need Window Cleaning In NYC

Got dirty windows that need attention? Give Total Window Service a call today! We’re here for all your window washing needs in NYC. What’s more, we offer additional services including glass restoration (especially useful if your windows have been targeted by graffiti scratching and etching) and chandelier cleaning. For all your window cleaning, window film, and glass restoration needs, give us a call!