New York City is one of the biggest commercial centers in the world, with millions of business transactions taking place here every week. If you run a business in this thriving metropolis known the world over, you probably already know that, whether or not it’s fair, people assess the professionalism of your business by a number of factors, including the appearance of your building. Don’t neglect your business’ exterior; here are simple yet effective ways to make your business look more professional.

Get Your Windows Cleaned

Probably the easiest, quickest thing to take care of with regards to your commercial building’s exterior is to get the windows cleaned up! A good window washing service will take care of this for you quickly and expertly. Invest in a monthly window cleaning service to keep your windows spotless and improve your business image; regularly scheduled window washing is probably a lot more affordable than you might realize!

Repair Any Glass Damage

There’s nothing less attractive on the exterior of a professional building than broken or damaged windows. It makes the entire operation look dubious! You don’t have to put up with unattractive windows when glass restoration services are available. If your windows are dark and smoky because of environmental damage, or they’re scratched up for any number of reasons, get a quote from a company that does professional glass restoration. The process can restore the original look and beauty of your windows, and in the vast majority of cases, it’s far less expensive than having the windows replaced. In addition, oxidation and glass corrosion can also be addressed, so whatever shape your windows are in, know that they can look much better with professional help!

Get Rid Of Signs Of Graffitti

Many businesses here in New York get vandalized each year, and the signs of graffiti remain long after the vandals have left. When you get tired of seeing ugly graffiti on your building, contact a window restoration company that can remove acid-etched or scratched graffiti damage from all your glass surfaces. Don’t let the vandals win! Get your building looking professional again through quality graffiti-removal services.

Power Wash The Exterior

How long has it been since the outside of your business had a good power wash? You’ll be amazed how clean and shiny a power wash can get a building; once the dirt, cobwebs, mud, and general grime are removed, your business can make a whole new impression, attracting more customers and business partners!

Spruce Up The Entryway

The first thing someone sees when they walk into your building is the entrance. Is it inviting? Is the entryway clean, freshly painted, and free of any damage? Are your doors working properly? Is the entryway floor in good shape, free of potentially dangerous holes or buckling brickwork? It’s very important to make a great impression right as your clients and associates walk in. If their first experience through the door is a negative one, they may not want to return.

Maintain The Building’s Façade

Another area that often gets neglected is the building façade itself. We’ve already discussed the benefits of power-washing; another job you can have done to improve the look of your building is metal façade cleaning. If the outside of your business has any metal sections, know that these areas can be professionally cleaned and restored to almost new. Metal gets dirty and discolored, and cleaning it requires the right techniques and products. Contact a cleaning and restoration company that knows how to get the New York City grime off your building façade for a new look your employees, clients, and business associates will love (and of course, so will you!).

Give Us A Call For Help!

Total Window Service has been helping New York businesses shine like new thanks to our professional window washing and glass restoration services. We’re here to clean up our beautiful city and help businesses show off their ultra-professional sides through well-maintained windows, entryways, building façades, and overall exteriors that reflect that high level of professionalism. We’re also available to clean all of your light fixtures, chandeliers, skylights, greenhouses, and more. If you’re ready to spruce up your business location at prices you can afford, give Total Window Service a call today!