What Is Glass Restoration?

It’s the process of giving new life to windows that are stained or that seem so dirty that even the best window washer can’t clean it satisfactorily. Glass restoration can bring windows back to their original appearance; this is accomplished by removing stains, repairing signs of corrosion, and eliminating scratches and etching.

Restoration addresses a large range of problems. It could be that oxidation damage is present. This is common here in New York City because of a number of factors, including air pollution, acid rain, and ongoing exposure to harmful UV rays. Window restoration addresses oxidation to lighten or remove stains on the glass.

When this is taken care of early enough, the job is fairly simply to do, and the cost is minimal. If the problem is ignored, however, then over time it becomes more difficult to restore the glass, since the deposits end up bonding chemically with the glass. At this stage, it’s still possible to do glass restoration, but the process becomes far more complicated, and costs rise.

Repairing Glass That’s Been Scratched Or Etched

Another common problem here in New York City is scratched glass. Whether your windows were scratched accidentally, or they’ve been ruined on purpose (such as, vandals decided to “graffiti” by scratching on your windows), Total Window Service has the ability to repair the damage. Our advanced glass restoration system will leave your windows looking brand new.

Buffing Services

If the damage to the glass is not too deep, buffing services can take care of the problem. At Total Window Service, we can handle this for you, too. It takes patience and a trained eye to expertly buff out scratches; thankfully, we have both.

Protect Your Windows

Once you’ve had your glass windows restored, you’ll want to protect them. One way to do this is to apply glass sealants to prevent future staining or discoloration. This protective measure can save you a great deal of money down the road. Stain protection can significantly lower your maintenance costs and preserve the aesthetics of your windows for years to come.

The Right Technique For The Job At Hand

The specifics of window restoration will differ depending on what type of damage is found on the glass. Acid-etched graffiti requires a process that differs from restoring windows that have been stained through pollution-related oxidation. But the good news is that, regardless of what type of damage your windows have suffered, in the vast majority of cases a technique exists to restore your windows to their original beauty.

Window Restoration In New York City

Here in our great city, you can turn to Total Window Service to restore your commercial or residential windows. Whether they’ve been scratched with a sharp object, etched with acid, stained from pollution, or something else, the glass restoration professionals at Total Window Service will work patiently to restore your windows. Most of the time, window restoration is far more economical than window replacement.

We can help with window graffiti removal, window scratch removal, or any type of window glass repair. Give Total Window Service a call today for a free window restoration estimate!