Can you really insulate windows? You bet! It’s not about stuffing thick insulation in between the glass panes. Window insulation services include specialty tasks that seal gaps between the window and the frame, as well as adding insulating window panels or applying window film as an extra barrier.

Why Insulate Your Windows?

The point of window insulation is to improve your home’s or business’ energy efficiency. After insulating, air will no longer escape through tiny holes and gaps, which means more responsible energy use and lower utility bills. In addition, insulating windows can reduce the level of sound coming in from the outside, creating a quieter, more enjoyable workplace or home environment.

Our Window Insulation Services

We work with our clients on a case-by-case basis to best serve their needs. The first thing we can do to insulate windows is to install or replace window caulking. Especially in older buildings here in New York City, not every window is properly caulked. We replace old, deteriorated caulking with a fresh, new application that will seal any cracks and prevent drafts or air escape.

In addition, we can install insulating window panels to minimize heat loss. We can also apply safety window film, or any other type of window film, such as solar or privacy, to serve as an extra insulating barrier. In addition to saving energy, films serve other purposes as well, including UV protection and glare control

Other Services You May Be Interested In

For your convenience, Total Window Service offers many related services, including:

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning
  • Cleaning and restoration of skylights, greenhouses, chandeliers, and more
  • Protecting windows against graffiti and break-ins
  • Glass restoration services
  • Metal and building façade cleaning services

If you need any type of service related to windows, glass, or building exteriors, reach out to us first. There’s a good chance we can handle it for you. Our professional window cleaners regularly scale skyscrapers and climb tall ladders to reach areas our clients’ previously thought unreachable. If you’re ready to see through that dirt-coated skylight again, or you want to restore your building exterior to make a better impression, give us a call. We’re ready to work with you.

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