Can you really insulate windows? You bet! It’s not about stuffing thick insulation in between the glass panes. Window insulation services are designed to keep cold air out during the winter months or any time of year when days and nights are chilly. At Total Window Service, we go about insulating windows in three important ways: applying Low E window film, installing insulation film, and doing window caulking.

Window insulation can also help during the summer months or whenever temperatures outside get unpleasantly hot. A well-insulated window will not allow your cool A/C air to escape through gaps, and this translates to greater energy efficiency plus greater comfort for everyone inside.

Why Insulate Your Windows?

One big reason to have window insulation done is to improve your home’s or business’ energy efficiency. After insulating, air will no longer escape through tiny holes, gaps, or cracks in the frame, which means more responsible energy use and lower utility bills. In addition, insulating windows can reduce the level of sound coming in from the outside, creating a quieter, more enjoyable workplace or home environment.

Another big reason for insulating windows is to keep everyone inside more comfortable. On cold days and nights, you don’t want to be feeling cold air seep in through drafty windows that have not been properly insulated. Even if your window has been caulked to seal up any gaps, it can still let the cold in. The glass itself can become freezing cold, creating a “chill zone” around the window and keeping you and your family feeling cold no matter how much you crank up the heat.

That’s why insulation film is important. Its purpose is to improve your indoor temperatures while reducing your heating bills. This affordable window film vastly improves indoor comfort by blocking coldness and keeping it outside. On especially cold days and nights when a blizzard is working hard to drive sub-freezing drafts in, the combination of insulation film and window caulking will protect you and your family from the bitterly cold weather outside.

Our Window Insulation Services

There are several things we can do to insulate your windows and keep you more comfortable indoors. We can install or replace window caulking; this seals any cracks and openings so that cold drafts can’t come in (and in the summer, cool air conditioned air won’t escape out). As an added bonuses, window caulking prevents water from leaking inside through window gaps, and it can prevent unpleasant insect invasions. All of these benefits add to your comfort level while increasing your home value. Especially in older buildings here in New York City, not every window is properly caulked. We replace old, deteriorated caulking with a fresh, new application that will seal any cracks and prevent drafts or air escape.

In addition, we’ll be happy to install insulation film to minimize loss of indoor heated air, keep the cold air out, and block any drafts still trying to come through on wintry days. These affordable measures improve everyone’s comfort indoors while reducing your heating costs.

Total Window Service can apply Low E window film to some or all of your windows for added comfort and safety. These window films reduce heat loss to save you money on heating. They also block 99% of UV rays for greater UV protection plus glare control. People sometimes refer to Low E window film as safety, solar, or privacy window film. Whatever you call it, we’ll be happy to apply it on your windows to serve as an extra insulating barrier.

Other Services You May Be Interested In

For your convenience, Total Window Service offers many related services, including:

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning
  • Cleaning and restoration of skylights, greenhouses, chandeliers, and more
  • Protecting windows against graffiti and break-ins
  • Glass restoration services
  • Metal and building façade cleaning services

If you need any type of service related to windows, glass, or building exteriors, reach out to us first. There’s a good chance we can handle it for you. Our professional window cleaners regularly scale skyscrapers and climb tall ladders to reach areas our clients’ previously thought unreachable. If you’re ready to see through that dirt-coated skylight again, or you want to restore your building exterior to make a better impression, give us a call. We’re ready to work with you.

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Window insulation solutions are less expensive than you might think; in fact, you can choose service that starts as low as $20! Our quality window insulation services keep drafts from coming in, reduce heat loss through your windows, AND save you hundreds of dollars in home energy costs. Don’t delay; call us today!