Our window-washing technicians love to clean windows right here in New York City. Are they a little crazy? Maybe! But seriously, here are the reasons our exceptional window washers enjoy their jobs.

That Gorgeous New York City Skyline!

When our fearless window washers are hard at work cleaning the windows of one of New York’s famous skyscrapers, they get the best view that very few people in the world have the opportunity to see. While it may be somewhat frightening for those who are new to the experience, our seasoned window washers relish the opportunity to work outside high above it all, taking in the awesome city views. There’s a sense of peace they enjoy, similar to what a mountain climber might experience out in the wilderness, except that it takes place right here in our hometown!

Some Love The Challenge

Many of our expert window washers love the challenge of getting New York City’s skyscrapers and other iconic, historic buildings squeaky clean. As they work hard to deliver top-quality window cleaning services, they enjoy solving the puzzle of how to reach seemingly inaccessible places and, in some cases, clean off grime that has built up for years. Every day at work with Total Window Service is different, and our window washing specialists are not only up for the challenge, they actually thrive in this often demanding position.

A Sense Of Pride

What’s more, our window washers value the satisfaction they get from a job done well. They truly feel a sense of pride when they’re able to complete our customers’ jobs expertly and see the difference that they make. To be able to look out from a 20-story window and see the panorama clearly gives our window technicians a tremendous sense of pride, keeping them going day after day in the demanding but rewarding job of keeping New York City windows squeaky clean.

Taking Care Of A Piece Of History

So many of the buildings here in our one-of-a-kind city are supremely historic. Whether it’s one of our iconic skyscrapers, or one of the many historic houses that date back to the 1800s and earlier, our window washers know they are working on an important part of our city’s and our nation’s history. They take great care to thoroughly clean windows, chandeliers, light fixtures, greenhouses, and anything else they’ve been assigned, without damaging delicate pieces or diminishing the historical importance of the building. Taking care of a piece of New York City’s history is a big reason our window washers enjoy their jobs.

A Great Company To Work For

Perhaps you’ve already discovered what our window cleaning technicians already know: Total Window Service is a great company! We treat our customers and our employees with professionalism, since we know that we wouldn’t exist without you. Every day we’re grateful for the people we come into contact with. Our window washers appreciate working for a company that values them and provides them with state-of-the-art equipment to help them do their jobs efficiently and safely.

Perks You’ll Enjoy

What will you, our valued customer, enjoy when you hire our technicians to provide quality window cleaning services for your home or business? Take a look at this list we’ve put together:

  • Highly-trained professional window washers who will do a thorough job of cleaning your windows, to your satisfaction.
  • Professionalism and respect in all your interactions with Total Window Service.
  • Expert window cleaners who have ample experience cleaning tall buildings and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • A company that knows New York City well and is highly experienced with the skyscrapers and historic buildings that grace our thriving metropolis.
  • Dedicated window washers who will work hard to get rid of grime that’s accumulated on your commercial or residential windows.
  • A company that will not only expertly clean your windows, but that can provide other related services for you, including glass restoration, window film application, and light fixture cleaning.

What’s more, Total Window Service will supply top-quality window cleaning services anywhere in and around New York City, always accommodating your schedule at affordable prices, and delivering our services with the courtesy you deserve.

Reach Out To Total Window Service Today

Ready to see what our company can do for you? We believe you’ll be pleased with our window cleaning technicians, their positive attitude, and the level of quality they deliver in all that they do. Whether you need someone to clean the inside and outside windows of your high-rise apartment, your greenhouse is in dire need of restoration, your chandeliers haven’t been cleaned in years (if ever), or your building facade could use a power wash, contact Total Window Service today.

Our window experts are detail-oriented, paying close attention to the job at hand to ensure your customer satisfaction. For all your window-related services, contact Total Window Service. Fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation quote!